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P/J build with OBP-1 Sado VTC advice

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by krispn, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Hey so I've finally got round to doing this build with the recent acquisition of a Squire Matt Freeman P bass. It's Black Maple and hopefully this will be a keeper once I have it suitably spec'd (it's coming to me with a BassAss already fitted and a Seymour 1/4lb pick up.)

    My Plan/question
    I'm gonna fit an OBP-1 on it's way to becoming a P/J. By coincidence just the other day I was offered an 'as new' Sadowsky VTC kit at a great price. Am I correct in thinking that this would give me the Bass treble boost on one concentric pot and an on/off for the active preamp as well as a 'Fender' tone control which would always be accessible in either mode A/P on the other pot? Initially I thought the kit included the treble bass boost built in but I'm guessing I'm mistaken on that right ?

    Secondary type question. Is there any massive difference with the OBP-1 with a single 9v battery as opposed to 18v operation?

    The next stage is to fit some Bill Lawrence 'Wilde' p/up's The P-46/J-45 combo to bring this baby to life.

    Any comments or advice on the VTC and OBP-1 is appreciated.


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