P/J Pick-up Combinations

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    What kind of P/J pick-up combo's do you come up w/ on the onboard EQ?(Tone,P volume,J volume)

    I've been fooling around with the different sounds I get from it...and I was just wondering which you guys use.

    I usually use full P,off J,no tone...but I am finding a liking to J on,P off,No tone.

    For slap,I turn on Tone and P,and turn off J and it's pretty decent.

    Anyways...whats yours?
  2. Razor


    Sep 22, 2002
    My preference is with P/J config's. That's my favorite setup. I have used all kinds but I always pick up either a P or P/J if I can. Reason being you kinda get the best of both worlds. I pretty much use about 75% of the P and 25% of the J pickup. P gives me the warmth and a little of the J gives me a little bit of bite. Most of my P/J's are set up Volume/Tone/Blend...I do have an active P-Lyte that I believe is set up Volume/Volume/Tone/Tone although I am not for sure. It's got a low-end Bartolini pre in it but it serves that bass well. I am building another P/J right now with a body I picked up and I am trying to figure out how I am going to configure it. It's got the input jack on the bottom of the bass but the control layout is setup for four (4) pots. I had planned to just set it up Volume/Tone/Blend but the fourth hole is a little bit bigger....only thing I can think of to put there would be a pickup selector switch like on the older MIJ Jazz Specials but I am thinking that would cancel the Blend pot out...I dunno and didn't mean to wander off of the thread.:meh:
    Honestly though I prefer P/J's with simple pot config's.:D
  3. Yeah dude...I agree...I think a p/j combo bass for my first bass was a great idea...at the time...I had no idea,but now...I find a liking to as how I can get alot of diverse tones from just turning a knob:)

    I am going to try that 75P/25J combo tomorrow,sounds like a good idea...

    I like that "dead" tone...so I usually keep the tone all they way off...:)

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    Pickups might have been an excellent choice. ;)
  5. I dig the name change;)