p/j pickup or no?

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  1. i am part of 2 bands and one is a fast rock/punk rock and roll band. I want a very flashy trebly tone for that. I also play in a maybe u can classify Melodic Hardcore band, in the likes of Thursday.i kinda think a deeper sound is good for that. I was wondering what bass is for me, i was thinking J for first band. P for second,...so then i was like hey why not the mix Fender deluxe bass. Would that satisfy my needs? i also play reggae, funk(slap/pop), blues, want some jazz, rockabilly stuff, most rock. If my idea isnt right, someone please help me out. I have around 600 bucks prolly. I will save some or if i dont have to.i wont.i trust the good people at TB so please help anyone.
  2. Hmm, I suggest you try the duluexe, first of all.

    The P-J setup should give you what you are looking for, the way I see it. I remember someone gave me a good explanation, but I've forgotten.. :(

    Try the bass out, see what you think. Maybe a 5-string would give you that 'deeper' tone you are looking for? :)


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    I agree with Microbass - try a deluxe. I was checking one out the other day and liked the different tones it could produce. It didn't quite have the "classic" P-Bass sound but was close. The J pickup in the bridge position was good though for slappin. With both pickups full on, it didn't sound like a Fender but I liked it still.

    You could prolly get a MIM Deluxe model for under $600. The one I played was MIM and they were only askin $545...oh! and it had 24 frets too, which I thought was kinda odd for a Fender...
  4. thanks alot for your input.I had a feeling fender was for me. Is deluxe my only option?or are there any other suggestions.
  5. Yahama has a really nice p/j set up.. I've forgotten the model though. The bass plays VERY WELL and sounds warm & clear.

    You could also try out warwick, but I think getting the good warwicks with a p/j set up might start costing you some major $$$!

    G'luck :D