P/J Replacement set with preamp

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  1. Guys I'm not technical or handy at all. I see the Geezer P/J replacement pickups and they have the solderless connections. I want to buy them.
    My bass has an active preamp but no active/passive switch which is a must for me in case a battery goes out live.
    Is there a preamp I can buy that will work with the Geezer PJ solderless set which will include a passive/active switch and drop into my bass?
    A picture of my bass is included. Capture.PNG
  2. sheltjo6

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    Jun 10, 2012
    The EMG Geezer P pickup is loud for a passive pickup.
    I recommend removing the preamp and run the bass passive.
    The Geezer PJ set sounds great without a preamp.