P/J replacement

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    Aug 2, 2005
    Nutley, NJ
    Hi, I traded for a p/j bass last week, which is a maple neck, mahogany body (both warmoth), fender 62 reissue pbass pickup, basslines 1/4 lb j pickup. I love the feel of the bass and the acoustic sound, but I am not digging the pickups totally. It sounds a little harsh and high-endy for my taste. I love motown, stax, chic, earth wind and fire, etc (and play in a party band that does that stuff). Any suggestions? I don't think the p and j are a good match, so maybe replacing the 1/4 lb will help- I don't want 1/4 lb p and J, I had those in the past but I am going for a different sound now. I will be outifitting the bass with flatwounds soon, currently has fairly dead rounds ( I hate rounds). I used to be very anti-active but I am also using a ken smith 6 string that is on loan, and I am liking the active sound there, I guess I just hate that glassy, modern active sound (so EMG is probably not the pickup for me). So, should I replace 1 or both pickups, keep the pickups and change wiring (series, etc.), add a preamp, or any combination? My thoughts, from reading , are maybe a dimarzio p/j set or nordstrand, and if a pre is involved the audere. Cost is an object but this can wait and I'd rather do it right. Thanks in advance.