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P/J w/ Dual Outs?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Grimlock, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. I've searched through the existing topics and haven't been able to find an answer to my question, so I figured that my question was, potentially, ridiculous, as I'm not hardware savvy when it comes to instruments. But, here goes:

    I have a Yamaha BB414 with a P/J configuration. Would it be possible to rewire it so each pick-up would have it's own Volume, Tone, AND Output? I'd would like to do this WITHOUT drilling the body of the bass.

    Here's how it looks like: http://www.gearmusic.net/userimages/large_inventory_pics/yamahabb414.jpg

    Can it be done using the existing holes on body exclusively?:meh:
  2. it certainly can be done...

    use two concentric pots...one vol/tone for the P-pickup...one vol/tone for the J-pickup...then use a stereo jack for the dual outputs...

    I'd then wire the switch such that:

    position 1 = p-pickup to output 1, J-pickup to output 2
    position 2 = p-pickup to output 2, J-pickup to output 1
    position 3 = both pickups to both outputs

    that way, if you're using just one output, you can get full pickup selections, and if you're using two outputs you can get a little variety, as well...
  3. I agree with Pilbarabass for the most part. The only differences would be that in order to get a separate output you would either need to eliminate the switch and place the second jack there, or drill another output hole on the side of the bass and place it there. Since you are basically running the two pickups as separate channels(to two different amps I presume) the switch would primarily act as an on/off which is not really necessary since you can turn down the volume of each pickup.

    When you do this make sure the bridge is grounded to both pots as it will create noise if it is not.
  4. Thanks for the quick replies, PilbaraBass and bassmanrocke!

    I knew that concentric pots would have to be used, but I wasn't sure whether it was possible to put Volume AND Tone on the same pot.

    Also, I like PilbaraBass' suggestion of having a second mono jack instead of a switch.

    Here's a few questions:

    i) From what I understand about pots, you can have "mellower" tones by using pots of lesser ohm value, however, every concentric pot I've found online has been listed at 500k ohms. Do concentric pots exist with lower ohm values? If NOT, would it be possible to add something to the circuit to reduce the ohm value of an existing pot?

    ii) Let's say I go with PilbaraBass' idea and place a second jack instead of the 3-way switch to a stereo jack. Would it be possible to make one jack the MAIN jack that'll output the signal of both pick-ups, but a switch placed in the circuit that would recognize when the SECOND jack was being used, thereby splitting the signals to two separate mono outs?

    Thanks again, guys.
  5. no need for a second jack...the BB414 is passive...so you can just use a standard stereo jack and a stereo cable...the ground would be common anyway...use a splitter box to separate your sends...

  6. I could also just use a Y cable that'll split the stereo signal into two separate mono signals, right?

    I know the stereo jack is a good idea, but I was hoping to be able integrate the whole idea with two mono jacks and a "smart" circuit that would know when to split them. Is this an impossibility?

    Thanks for answering "ii", PilbaraBass; anyone for "i"?
  7. yep, you could use a jack with an integral switch, such that when you plug in, it splits the signal...when that jack isn't used, the two signals would be combined...pretty straight-forward, actually.
  8. Wicked! I guess all I have to do now is shop around for the parts and see if it's economically viable. Thanks again for all the help, guys.
  9. Hey guys,

    I've been searching high and low online for a mono jack with an integral switch; I've had no luck finding such an item.

    If I am unable to find one anywhere, is there any way to create the desired effect quoted above, WITHOUT putting in a manual switch to perform the dual Mono split?

    Thanks in advance.
  10. http://www.banzaieffects.com/Open-jacks-c-621.html
  11. I just want to thank you guys for all the help you've provided. :D

    I had my bass modded at my local shop!

    I have my P pickup going through a 500K/500K Concentric pot, and the J pickup going through a 500K/250K pot.

    The original jack is the main jack, with both signals going to it UNLESS the new jack, placed where the switch was positioned, is used. When both jacks are used, the P goes to the original jack, and the J goes to the new jack.

    They told me they were able to do it by using a "Ricky" switch. They weren't very specific about how it works, but they said it's a $3 dollar part, so that might help determine how they did it. :eyebrow:

    It looks a little funny, with the one jack perpendicular to the body, but results are exactly what I'm looking for. You guys rock! :p
  12. that's great, Grimlock...

    the very cool thing about your setup is that you can run the P straight to underpin your music and run the effects via the J make everything as fruity and swirly or dirty and grungy and you like...


    another happy TBer...FANTASTIC! :)
  13. jbrew73


    Dec 24, 2006
    is there a way to run a stereo output on a bass with active p-ups that uses the jack for battery switching.
  14. mitchelllucas


    Jul 29, 2008
    how much would it cozt say to have a aerodyne bass then with a pickup selectio switch how much would it cost to get installed and eveyrthing?
  15. yes...I believe there are stereo jacks in existence with built-in mechanical switches...the switches don't rely on the ring, tip, or sleeve...

    checkout banzaieffects and see what they offer...if it's made, they'll have it...
  16. jbrew73


    Dec 24, 2006
    thanks i'll check it out

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