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P + M + 5 Way Switch... Wiring Help!

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Aussiephoenix, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Hey...

    I'm still having some trouble with my wiring options for a 5way switch... I wonder if any of you out there know about these switches and can help me figure out how to wire it to obtain the config I'm looking for.

    2 pups: Split P and Musicman 2 coil.

    Switch: Allparts 5way switch - [​IMG]

    So, I've been reading a little, and supposedly, positions 2 and 4 arent much use to me, as they seem to combine the other 3 options...

    What I wanted is:

    pos1 : P
    pos3: P+M
    pos5: M

    Now, this is the tricky part:

    pos2: P+M Coil 2 (Like a PJ... Kinda)
    pos4: M Coil2 (Like a soloed Bridge J)

    C'mon guys, I know there are some wiring wiz's out here...

  2. New developments:

    I've just been browsing some wiring diagram sites including this one:

    Stewmac 3 and 5-way switch wiring

    From what I've read (and what LITTLE I know...) is this config what I'd want to endup with?:

    pos1 (lug 1) - Musicman Humbucker
    pos2 (lug 1+2) - Musicman Humbucker + Precision Pup
    pos3 (lug 2) - Precision Pup
    pos4 (lug 2+3) - Precision Pup + Musicman Bridge coil
    pos5 (lug 3) - Musicman Bridge Coil

    Of course, there's no mention here of what to do with lug "0" or the lug positions on the 2nd "pole"...

    Can anyone help fill the gaps or blow a hole in my theory please?

  3. robert43


    Jun 5, 2007
    Hi after the tone & volume pots on the + if you put the 5 way switch as
    postion 1 p pickups
    2 MM + P pickups
    3 MM
    4 MM single
    5 not used
    on pole A 1 not used
    pole A 2 MM +
    pole A 3 P +
    pole A 0 + after the volume & tone pots
    Pole B 0 to ground
    pole B 1 to the 2 wires joined on the MM pickup
    pole B 2 not used
    pole B 3 not used
    These numbers are use on the Stew Mac pictures


    If you bascially cut the white wire to p pickup between the volume pot on left hand side . Use this as the + on the switch ( pole A o)
    Hope this makes sence
    Also I have a P + MM & have use a Les Paul switch I tried the MM as a single with a extra switch & found out it sounded ( for me ) just like the P + MM pickup together
  4. What do you mean "AFTER" the VOL and tone?

    I'm guessing you "hijacked" an existing Pbass wiring harness by putting the switch AFTER the vol and tone pots... but.. doesnt that mean that you can only control the vol and tone on the P Pup?

    Why wouldnt you put the 2 pups going into the switch and a main out from the switch to the rest of the circuit? (vol, tone, etc.)

    ps.: bear in mind I dont know much about wiring, etc...
  5. Liko


    Mar 30, 2007
    What you seem to be forgetting, at least to my reckoning, is that the MM pickup is likely dual-coil, four-conductor. What I recommend, therefore, is a quasi-Strat wiring:

    Pos 1: MM bridge coil
    Pos 2: both MM coils
    Pos 3: MM neck coil
    Pos 4: MM neck coil and P
    Pos 5: P

    This would give you selectable coils on the MM pickup plus the ability to combine the P and MM (though not fully). You could, if you wished, add a "P-on" switch as a push-pull pot or seperate 2-position switch that would turn the P pickup on in addition to whatever the knife switch selected, allowing you to use the P with the MM bridge coil or the P and both MM coils.

    If you want the switching setup you originally posted, I would ditch the knife switch and get an LP or Tele 3-way switch. Then one side is the P, the other is both MM coils, and the middle is everything. You can, if you wish, tap the MM bucker using a second 3-way switch between the pickup and the first 3-way, allowing you to select neck, both, or bridge coil of the MM.

    Where you put the switch in the circuitry depends on the controls you have. With single volume/tone, the switch goes right after the pickups and the output of the switch goes to the volume pot with a parallel connection to tone. With independent volume, master tone, the pickups are hooked directly to the volume pots, the volume pots output to the switch, and the switch outputs to the jack and the tone pot in parallel. With fully-independent volume and tone, the pickups are each wired to their independent volume/tone pairs, and the output from those pairs goes to the switch which outputs to the jack. If you have an active preamp, it should be designed for one pickup and you should put the switch between the pickups and preamp.

    This setup, like many guitars, could have almost infinite switching capability depending on what you wanted the finished product to do and what you wanted to design.
  6. Hey Liko.

    Nah, I'm not forgetting about the dual coil 4 conductor...

    pos1 (lug 1) - Musicman Humbucker
    pos2 (lug 1+2) - Musicman Humbucker + Precision Pup
    pos3 (lug 2) - Precision Pup
    pos4 (lug 2+3) - Precision Pup + Musicman Bridge coil
    pos5 (lug 3) - Musicman Bridge Coil

    This way, apart from each pup separately, and together, I get an extra 2 sounds that would resemble (i hope) a PJ setup and a soloed jazz Bridge pup.

    Ok, I've considered this... I have 2 active circuits at home that I could integrate into this project, but my main worry about it is that I like having passive/active... I dont like relying on active just in case the battery runs out at the worst time possible...
    so, imagine I wire both pups to the active circuit... how would I be able to use part of the circuit in passive mode? say just a volume and balance if there was one in the active circuit?

    since most active circuits only have boosts/cuts for bass trebble and mids, Just thinking out loud here, there wouldnt be any way of using one of those pots as a Tone pot in passive mode would there?


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