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P+MM vs J+MM - Need Feedback

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by bassclef112, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. bassclef112

    bassclef112 Supporting Member

    Sep 2, 2003
    New York City, NY
    I am moments from finally finishing a project I've had on hold for a while, and by that I mean ordering the body from Warmoth. My only dilemma is deciding on the pickup config. I know about the more common J+MM set-up. What I'd like to hear about is the P+MM, because I'm leaning this way. Those of you that have it - how do you like it? How does it compare to the other?

    Here's where I'm heading: A Duncan Alnico MM with either a reverse Fralin P or a DiMarzio J, and either an OBP-3 or a Bart 3 band (I have both though right now I'm leaning towards the Bart).

    This will go into a Mahogany Dinky P with a Flame Maple cap. I already have a Warmoth J neck made from Macassar Ebony with same for the board that's been waiting for a home. This will be a 4 string.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  2. I made a version of this with a Duncan Vintage P an 2 Vintage J's wired in series. It sounds great. Lots of bottom end, with with enough punch to rip your cones apart.:D

    It's a mess of wiring, though. Mostly cause I wanted "coil tap" capabilites. My 5 way switch goes P, P/first J, P/J/J, J/J, and J/J as a humbucker.

    That, and the OBP-1 and the Boss ODB-3 that I strpped out and shoved in there as well. It now carries 3 9-volts.:eek:

    Rock on
  3. I've read something about how the P and MM's sweetspot would end up overlaping each other, although there are ways around it. Also read how people would reverse the P so the MM could go there, or get a Bart MM, as there are no exposed poles, and shift it closer to the bridge.
  4. bassclef112

    bassclef112 Supporting Member

    Sep 2, 2003
    New York City, NY
    I'd love to hear from the Warmoth guy about how they do the placement. I think I read that it's close (sweetspots) but they can get it to go. I would want a reverse P anyway - got them on my Mockingbird and I like it.
  5. bwbass


    May 6, 2002
    By default, we move the MM closer to the bridge when these two routs are requested together. Otherwise, there is so little wood between them, the body will not survive the rout (the wall between the routs explodes). I believe the measurement is 1/2".
  6. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    there would be overlap with the pups using standard MM and P placement. Even side to side results in a lot of pup surface - which bothers some players, some it doesn't. I've got a bass with a P/MM in it now and just moved the MM closer to the bridge and the MM worked fine with the acoustics of that bass. Has a nice ballsy J tone wired in series. Haven't found a P I like yet.

    A J/MM will give you standard spacing, more open space, and more flexibility in pup options (and therefore in tone). I've gotten a good P tone out of a set of J's so I would expect as much could be had with a J/MM - although can't recall having gotten one with that combo specifically.

    If I was into P tone, I'd probably go with a P. If I was more into J, then J.

    If you want an extreme make-over you can route a 3/4" x 4" x 7" swath beneath the strings and mount any 4 string pup configuration you want (excepting original MM's which require a 3/8" deeper route) and build a pickgaurd to cover. So you could have both if you wanted. Routing my basses didn't change the acoustics of the bass any that I could tell.
  7. Rvl


    Dec 23, 2003
    Aomori Japan
    Just measured my P/MM
    2.4cm between the MM and the P
    I had the MM(bridge polepiece) positioned 22.9cm from the 19th fret
    The MM(bridge polepiece) is positioned in the traditional J bridge spot
    The P polepiece is 12.6cm from the 19th fret

    A P/MM is a good combination giving a wide range of tones
    There can be a problem of balance in volume between the 2 pickups. But this can be rectified by raising or lowering pickup height.


    Robert VanLane
  8. Ender_rpm


    Apr 18, 2004
    St. Louis MO
    Do these pups HAVE to be wired active? I was looking into the Warmoth thing too, but wanted a passice P/MM set up. Is that even possible with the MM pup?
  9. If I recall correctly, all MM pups are passive, only the preamps are active, so yeah, I reckon you might be able to do a passive P/MM setup. Remember to post pics! :)
  10. Rvl


    Dec 23, 2003
    Aomori Japan
    My P/MM is all passive with only 2 volume controls and a series/parallel switch for the MM.