P.O.G. and the Fretless bass

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  1. spikez


    Jun 26, 2005
    Hi there again my good people!! :hyper:
    I have two questions for you people.

    1st - As anyone here ever played a fretless bass while using the P.O.G.? How did it sounded? Do you think the P.O.G. is up to the duty of tracking a fast line full of slides?

    2nd - Is there any good wah wah pedal that has to be activated by button (not that auto switching s***) and that sounds good and has a good ammount of play arround chgaracteristics (KNOBS to f*** arround with experimentation)? I know you will tell me to use the search, so I will as soon as I finish posting this! ;)

    Thanks in advance for all the replys.

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  3. I haven't played a POG in a while, but i believe that it could do slides very well