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  1. I want to get my Squier CV P-Bass (the sonic blue one) a new pickup. I play that bass mostly with a pick and overdriven, since i have tons of space in the song arrangements. I have two pedals for overdrive/distortion: the Darkglass B3K and a Sansamp Leeeds.

    The Stock PU is ok, but quite weak in output, i find i need to use my Empress EQ to considerably boost its signal before going into the overdrive pedal. I prefer to put the Empress last in chain, just before the amp, so I'd prefer a hotter output.

    Any suggestions? Tone should be punky, not too trebly but i can always dial that down with the tone pot...
  2. I stuck a '62 RI in in my mexican P, and I've been loving it. The treble is a little harsh with stainless strings (we use DR neons as a gimmick), but this can be easily countered with nickel/flats/tone pot/eq/carrots.

    I've been finding it an amazing swiss army knife pickup/bass, it doesn't everything I want it to. I use a Darkglass B3K and Vintage for dirt, and they both sing with it.

    The only thing is I didn't like as much without my Streamliner; it still sounded good into my CTM-300, but not *quite* the same magic. It could still get plenty old-school, but it had a harder time getting a little more modern. Specifically, it couldn't quite cop the tone from Nickelback's Animals (don't shoot me, it's a good song :D), whereas it could with the STL. It's probably just an amp thing, but I thought I'd point it out just in case.
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  4. That 122?
  5. I'm a fan of the Delano PMVC 4Fe/M2

    Massive output from a passive pup - and full sound.

    Here it is on a P-bass through a Bassman 20 with volume set at 6½ - and no pedals or effects - played agressive pickstyle:



    And here it is thru JamUp (iOS) into the Super Bassman - again only using a bit more gain for the distortion, no effect pedal. Recording into GarageBand.

    Pickstyle but this time roundwound strings (the previous recording was flats)


    Hope this helps

    And, as always, check out the Bill Lawrence P-46. For $60 it may be impossible to beat.