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PA-2 on P/J setup

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Laus, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. Hey,

    I got me an EMG PA-2 booster. Just to tweak around on an old guitar to learn about it. Maybe later i'll use it on the real thing.

    Question is, I would like the PA-2 to boost just the end-signal from the bass. So I mean both - elements should be boosted when I switch the PA-2 on. The bass has a P/J setup (passive) with Vol.Vol.Tone controls. Can somebody give me tips on wiring this? Is it possible?

    Other boosters/preamps are not affordable or available(barts) to me.

    Is this goes allright, the same question goes for a 2 humbucker (Vol.Vol.Tone) setup.

    I'd be very grateful,

  2. I know the EMG diagram's. Took a few looks at is.

    To the other diagram. I don't understand it.

    can't one just loosen the wires from the output jack and connect those to the PA2 and the signal from the elements after the tone and volume to the PA2

    I mean: elements > volume > tone > Pa2 switch > output

    thanks for your opinion anyway!
  3. the hot output from both vols goes to the tone and then jumps onto the jack
    if you feed this into the pa2 and then connect the output of the pa2 to the jack then it will boost the signal as it appears at the jack without the booster....
    battery switching?? use a micro switch with a led and you can get away with a normal jack
    keep your eye on the light and roll off the vols before switching ON and OFF

    this goes for 2 humbuckers as well...they are just pups nothing special about them as such except the way they are constructed...

  4. I'm sorry, I really don't understand what you are saying here. Could you be any more specific? My english is not that good.

    thanx anyway. meekster too.
  5. *kick*

    I have another question related to this subject.

    I installed the PA-2 into my bass. I think it sounds great. Huge boost.

    Now, the trouble is, if I turn the volume knobs, with the booster on or off, my speakers make big movements like hops or so. (the thing they do when you test polarity)

    So I guess it's a polarity question. I installed, to my meaning everything according to the schemes.

    what should I change or is your opinion about this?

    thanx again!
  6. :D
    sorry laus for the gibberish earlier
    what you said sounds fine
    pups to vol
    vol to tone
    tone to pa2
    pa2 to jack
    keeping the same wire throughout..the hot lead..
    the speaker thing i cant figure...

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