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PA help, need advice

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by southernrocker, May 1, 2009.

  1. southernrocker

    southernrocker Banned

    Apr 4, 2009
    Hey everyone, thanks for looking.
    I sing lead in my band and we have several gigs lined up. Our old lead singer was kicked out, and we lost a PA

    Can you suggest a good PA or powered speaker for good, loud vocals? We don't mic the drums, I have a GK backline 600 amp, the guitarist uses a 120 watt peavy. we play southern rock. We play loud enough to match the drums.

    The good price range would be 300-500 dollars, or as little as possible.

    Any sugguestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. dogbass

    dogbass Supporting Member

    Aug 9, 2006
    Bay Area, CA
    I have found, across a broad range of products, that for budget minded quality choice, its hard to beat Peavey. They have products that are highly competitive, loud, and will last. (We run a PV1500 power amp that matches up well with a much higher priced Crown). I would stay away from Behringer if you can, (just my opinion), though their cost will tempt you ! And maybe look locally for some used Yamaha or Yorkville equipment which is usually solid and reasonably priced. But its gonna be tough on a $500 budget. Good luck !
  3. $500 is tough. You could buy a pair of used powered JBL speakers for $450-$500. Add a used small Behringer mixer for less than $50 and you have a cheap solution. If one vocal is the only thing going through the PA, you'd mainly be using the little mixer for vocal eq and adjusting signal level to the JBL's...no actual mixing.
  4. TimmyP


    Nov 4, 2003
    Indianapolis, IN
    How often do you play? In many cases, it makes more sense for a band to hire out their sound.
  5. southernrocker

    southernrocker Banned

    Apr 4, 2009
    We don't play too often, we'll probably have 8 big gigs in the summer. We'll just play festivals, parties, and bars, as there are not many venues in rural southern Indiana.

    Dogbass, I share the opinion about behringer. I think that they are crap.

    Thanks for the helb, guys!
  6. modulusman

    modulusman Banned

    Jan 18, 2004
    Hopefully you are not expecting a $500 PA to work for your "big gigs" :rollno:
  7. Hmmm,

    $500.00 for a PA system is just a bit Unrealistic. The best way you could go would be to find something like JBL eon or similar Powered speakers and buy the cheapest small mixer you can. Search your local Craigslist and you may find something suitable, maybe. The outlook at this price is a bit bleak to be honest
  8. southernrocker

    southernrocker Banned

    Apr 4, 2009
    Big as in $$ and people. Not a stadium. We don't play ear-splitting loud, it's not in our taste. If I was made of money, I would go buy a nice carvin PA, but as it is, I was wondering if there was anyone who had some helpful input, not an opinion.

    300 watts would probably work. Our last PA was 400, and we never had it set past halfway. We only use the PA for vocals, and one vocalist at that.

    Any one have experience with Nady, Phonic, or Harbinger?
    A vocal amp would be fine. (powered speaker)
  9. GregShadoan


    Sep 1, 2008
    I would say that you should get exactly what you had, as it seemed to work for you. That will determine how much you need to budget.
  10. TimmyP


    Nov 4, 2003
    Indianapolis, IN
    Don't confuse where you had the levels set with how much more volume you had left to get from it. You might have had plenty left, or you could have been on the edge.
  11. There's your answer. Rent for now, & take a large-ish portion of the big $$ gigs to buy what you need.
  12. dougray


    Apr 16, 2002
    western maryland
    check local pawnshops....?good-luck
  13. modulusman

    modulusman Banned

    Jan 18, 2004
    Well hopefully if you were made of money you wouldn't waste your money on a carvin PA. But since your looking at Nady,Phonic, and harbinger I guess you have no clue what a good PA is.
  14. southernrocker

    southernrocker Banned

    Apr 4, 2009
    ^ Modulusman, Who peed in your cheerios?

    And to everyone else, thanks for the help. I know it's a needle in a haystack to find a good PA for cheap, but a local shop just called me and said someone just dropped a whole PA setup in. I'm gonna check it out. I don't know the brand yet, but I know that it has a mixer and a power amp. Thanks!
  15. georgestrings

    georgestrings Banned

    Nov 5, 2005
    I'm *guessing* that renting isn't all that attractive to him at the moment, because they probably used the same PA for rehearsals... What I would probably do if I were you would be to look for a used Mackie 808M and a Peavey 115+horn top with a Black Widow in it - you can probably find something like that within your budget... That'll work for rehearsals, then rent another top and some stands 'til you can afford your own... You'll also want a couple of monitors, a mic, stand, cables, etc... That particular Mackie powered mixer is pretty decent, and has good on-board effects - another option would be a PV mixer and cheap power amp: the QSC USA series and Crown's XLS 402 or 602 are pretty decent, and can be had fairly cheap on the used market... Another idea would be to buy a decent powered mixer - or mixer and amp - and some decent monitors - and rent tops for shows 'til you can buy some... My band just uses our monitors for rehearsals, and it works just fine...

    In other words, buy what you need to rehearse with, but don't try to skimp too much - get stuff aimed towards building up your system, while renting to fulfill gigs when you have to... I started out by buying a small rehearsal PA, and several years later have about a $15k PA that's pretty good for the gigs I do(both for my band, and running sound for others)... I built mine up by keeping an eye out for *quality* bargains, and buying it over time...

    - georgestrings
  16. two fingers

    two fingers Opinionated blowhard. But not mad about it. Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    Eastern NC USA
    George has some strong points. It shouldn't cost you much to rent one more speaker and some stands if you have shot your budget on a better speaker and amp. Good advice.
  17. southernrocker

    southernrocker Banned

    Apr 4, 2009
    Thanks guys. I got a new behringer eurolive 215a active cabinet. I know I seem like a hippocrite because of previous threads, but I've heared nothing but good about them. I got a really good price so I figured "What the heck". I found out that a couple of people in local groups that I respect use these. They definately had the money to get more expensive stuff.

    I got to try it out and it sounds great. My shure SM58 sounds excellent.
    I should be able to start building a PA using this speaker. Next will be another one, a monitor, and a bigger mixer. I'm crossing my fingers because of past experience with the brand, so I'll tell you guys if it starts to suck.

    I'm a working senior in high school. I pay for all of my stuff, hence the tight budget. I'm leaving for the Air Force this fall, so I just needed to make it through the summer. Hopefully this berhinger will do its job. Our gigs include a ton of parties, local fairs, and some bars. Thank you all for the help and advice!

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