PA subwoofer - cut-off freq

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    Feb 21, 2005
    our church just got a new baby - a yamaha 800w active subwoofer :hyper: - the sound engineers ecstatic, i'm ecstatic...everyone's ecstatic (sorta, except maybe the older folk)

    BUT, the sound engineer is...well..."in training", so we need you help - right now, we set the inbuilt cross-over at 85hz - is this a good cut-off point? wats standard?

    by the way, apart from the sub we're using 2x15 JBL's for FOH(they go down to like 38hz or something, but don't sound it for some reason)
  2. I like to cut-off the subs at 100hz in order to leave the sub frequencies on the ground. Any higher and you begin to hear the separation between speakers. Any lower and you begin to loose the proximity effect of the floor reinforcing the lower frequencies.

    The truth is you will have to experiment with your setup. 85hz is good if it sounds good.