SOLD PA System -Bag End - Peavey - Pro-Line

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    Aug 1, 2004
    Bayside, New York
    New York
    01C2EAFD-CF0F-4298-96DE-22CE632460B3.jpeg Selling a small but potent PA System which includes:
    Peavey XR684 Powered Mixer in excellent condition with a nylon cover.
    2 Bag End TA 1200B (birch) PA cabinets with their Time Aligned technology.
    2 Pro Line Speaker poles.

    The Bag End cabs are passive. They have the clarity and fidelity that really makes them shine.

    If you’re interested..We can work out a deal on freight...

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  2. any chance of cables ?
  3. Still available?
  4. let me buy this from you!
  5. please
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