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  1. Ok. We have a Kustom 4 channel 60w PA system. We have 2 cabs, each 8 ohms. My guitarist says that we DO NOT need a power amp for monitors. He says we can daisy chain the speakers and we'll have monitors. I said, no...that will change the impadence of the load and could damage our mixer/head. he insists that we dont need a power amp and can daisy chain.

    Who is right? And, daisy chaining is brining a line from the mixer to the speaker in, then from the same speaker brining another line from the out to another speaker's in. Right? hope this made sense.

    Mixer---Speaker 1's in---speaker 1's out---speaker 2's in
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    With just your two 8-ohm cabs, you're putting a 4-ohm load on the amp. My guess is that 4 ohms is the minimum recommended for that head. If you add two more 8-ohm speakers as monitors, your load drops to two ohms. Unless your amp is designed for two ohms, that'll pretty much do it in.

    I believe you are correct, so kick your guitarist in a painful place, and tell him to shut up or die.
  3. This is always good advice.

    Don't daisy-chain more than 2 8-ohm cabs with that setup, like Munji says. Does the PA have a line or monitor out? If yes, I would get a powered monitor (or 2) as the optimal solution. :)
  4. I don;t belive there is a Line Out. So, thanks you guys very much!
  5. Sorry guys, I lied. The PA does have a line out. So, we could get a powered monitor. But, what is a powered monitor? how many could we get, maybe 2 8ohm powered monitors to keep the load at 4ohms?

    So, does the line out not change the load going to the head?

    Thanks, Pete
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    Using a line output puts no load on the power amp.

    A powered monitor is a monitor with a power amp built in. You could hook up as many powered monitors as you want, since they put no load on the amp.
  7. Thanks a lot. Then we would just put the line coming from the line out in the line in on the powered monitor? right?
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    Yes. Connect the line out on the mixer to the line in on the powered monitor. Make sure you use a decent quality shielded cable.