SOLD PACKAGE DEAL: Jazz Bass Black Pearl Pickguard, Brass Nut, Wilkinson Tuners

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    Here's a few goods to dress up your Fender Jazz and give it a makeover for 2016. The nut is a brand new Axemasters, bought for a bass that got sold. It's this one: AxeMasters SLOTTED BRASS NUT made for Fender JAZZ Bass Guitar Squier

    The pickguard is new, and still has the plastic on top, as pictured. It's this one: (D22) 3 Ply Guitar Pickguard Fits Jazz Bass JB Style Pearl Black
    Do yourself a favor and use the template in the link provided. I didn't, and found out after the fact that it will NOT fit or match up to a Japanese Fender body. I'm guessing it won't be an issue for MIA or MIM Fender, but use that template link to make sure.

    The Wilkinsons came on a parts bass I bought but I put the original relic'd Geddy tuners back on it to match the patina of the rest of the bass. They are nearly-new, tight when turning (personally I would've loosened the Phillips screw a bit on them to loosen them, if I'd left them on the bass), and they're a strong 8.5-to-9 on a 10-scale of appearance.

    This is a package deal for now, everything for $50 shipped in the lower 48 states. Paypal or cash.
    The only trade I'm interested in is an Octave pedal, and I can add a little on my end for the right one (EBS, etc).
    If nobody has bought the deal after a couple of weeks, I'll consider selling things seperately. However, as I'm quite nocturnal and work overnights most of the time, I'd rather just sell everything at once and make just one daylight trip to the UPS Store or Post Office.

    package.jpg nut.jpg pg.jpg wilks.jpg