Packrat Recovery Sale II - Parts/Pickups/Hardware etc.

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    Apr 4, 2004
    ***Currently 1 new set of strings, 1 P pickup, 1 stereo condenser microphone and 1 pickguard available.***

    It's been a while since my first Packrat Recovery Sale, and while I have tried to curb the spread of excess parts and doodads it's gotten to that point'm starting up another one. I'll hopefully be adding to this off and on in the next few days as I'm cleaning out the basement (again). All prices include shipping, if you buy several different items and I can stick 'em all in one box I'll knock off a few bucks. I'd really like to stick with PayPal but if you don't mind the wait sending me payment is OK. PM with questions, and thanks for looking.


    btw, if there's someone behind you in line I'll honor your 'I'll take it! What's your PayPal?' PM for 24 hours; if I don't hear back I'll give the next person in line a shot. Just want to make everyone aware of that up front.

    Detroit Bass steel roundwound strings, .045-.105 (from, brand new in package, never opened or used. $12.


    Precision pickup #2 - This looks to be in almost new condition, again not sure of origin but it does work...6.02 ohms, must have come from a P/J set. $20.



    Realistic stereo condenser microphone - Original packaging and instruction/spec sheet, mic is in excellent shape and actually works! 10' cord with separate 1/4" L/R jacks. Frequency response listed at 30 - 15,000 hz, off/stereo/wide switch, runs on 1 AA battery. $30.




    Stock pickguard from an American Precision Deluxe. It's w/b/w, 3-ply. The guard has aged a bit so it's closer to 'vintage' than true white. Shielded on the back, a little wear by the truss cutout but overall in good shape. Note that these are for 22 fret necks so are NOT a drop-in replacement on a typical P. $22.50.



    Mystery Jazz pickguard from ??? was purported to be a 'Deluxe' pickguard, I had a USA Jazz Deluxe ('07) at the time and it was in the ballpark but not an exact fit. My best guess is it's from some other brand of Jazz bass with a 21 or 22 fret neck. Very nice looking 2-ply pearloid/black. SOLD.

    SX Jazz control plate. SOLD.

    Wiring harness, includes (2) Alpha mini pots (500K), one with a 'Chicklet' capacitor wired in (green, looks like some .047 uf ones I have), a 1/4" jack and the wiring. It was once for a PJ bass and had an additional pot but that was salvaged for another project. SOLD.

    Levy's leather strap, 2 1/2" wide, max length around 60". Model M26CTM. Black suede body and end pieces, comic book print decorative strap front. Natural leather backing. SOLD.

    D'Addario EXL170TP nickel round wound strings, .045-100, brand new in package (just 1 set, still sealed in their 'corrosion intercept' baggie). SOLD.

    Vintage (50s or maybe early 60s) Daka-Ware brand Bakelite knobs (black). Pretty cool retro vibe, has set screw and will fit on your typical solid or split-shaft control. Size-wise about the same as the small (tone) knob on a Jazz bass. SOLD.

    High mass bridge, fits Fender standard bent bridge mounting holes. 2 1/4" total string spacing, comes with mounting screws (4). Maker unknown, was on a parts body. SOLD.

    Precision pickup #1, standard size. Measures about 8.5 ohms, I'll include mounting screws if you need them. Don't know much about this one other than it works. SOLD.
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    I could use that bridge. PM sent.
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    PMD on Daka-Ware brand Bakelite knobs
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    PM'd on the pickup.
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    Apr 4, 2004
    Another couple items added. Does your Jazz-type bass fit the 'mystery pickguard?'
  6. Jo6Pak


    May 2, 2007
    Payment sent for D'Addarios...
  7. slap2much

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    Apr 4, 2004
    Strap, D'Addarios, Pearloid pickguard, control plate and wiring harness sold...