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pacman bass...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by nataku, May 10, 2005.

  1. nataku


    Jun 21, 2004
    San Jose, CA
    dont know if this has been posted yet, or if this is even the right forum, but go to http://mxtabs.net/basstabs.php and check out the pic of jeans pacman bass (i think) above the tabs. good stuff.
  2. That pac man bass is awesome and Jean is a superb player. Jus FYI, this bass is all over the forum.
  3. nataku


    Jun 21, 2004
    San Jose, CA
    yeah, i <3 the mario vid. did he give them permission to use that pic, or whats the situation here?
  4. Josh Curry

    Josh Curry

    May 29, 2003
    Frisco, TX
    I finally got to see it in person at NAMM in January.
  5. Jean Baudin

    Jean Baudin

    Aug 27, 2003
    redwood city, ca
    Endorsing Artist: See Profile
    now that's funny. teh win. :hyper:
  6. The Pac 9 is famous! :D

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