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pain in the neck

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by Leco reis, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. Leco reis

    Leco reis

    Sep 2, 2004
    Astoria, NY
    Hay Guys I am about to buy a Bass.
    The bass is great, sounds amazing is very old and was from a respectful bass player.

    Reisert School Bass Violin
    Full 3/4 Size, Gamba-shaped, Roundback
    Made in Markneukirchen, Germany c. 1840

    There is only one problem.
    The neck was broken in the pass(Its the originaln one).
    You can see in the back that they put the neck together.
    The Luthie where the bass is located told me that he has done minor repairs in the bass for 20 years and the neck was always like that.
    So It is strong.
    Is that something really bad?
    Should I not buy the bass?
    :confused: :confused: :confused:
  2. KSB - Ken Smith

    KSB - Ken Smith Banned Commercial User

    Mar 1, 2002
    Perkasie, PA USA
    Owner: Ken Smith Basses, Ltd.
    Is this the exact same Bass on Kolsteins website?.. If so you can also see the back damage from at least one neck hit. This was a bad break. If you buy this Bass and we have no idea how much you are paying, make some room within the top dollar value of the Bass for a new neck graft. That can run several thousand $s, up to 5-6k with all related work needed. If I was buying this Bass, I would deduct 5k from the price that I would be willing to pay to cover this repair when it becomes necessary if not right away... How does this Bass sound? Tell us a little about the instrument besides what we see.
  3. Shornick

    Shornick Scot Hornick

    Dec 18, 2001
    That sounds exactly like the one at Kolsteins. I came really close to buying that about two weeks ago myself. Bass plays great and sounds even through out. I talked to him about the neck and he told me he did the repair and had put something into it to make it stronger. I am sure one of those luthier types here would know the process. I came really close to buying that bass, if I didn't have other appointments to check out I most likely would have. Congrats to you if you pick it up, she's a beauty. I just found one last weekend from volker nahrmann that I can't be happier with. I will post pics in two weeks when I pick it up.
  4. Leco reis

    Leco reis

    Sep 2, 2004
    Astoria, NY
    It is THe bass From Kolstein.
    The Bass sound relly good and It's very easy to play .
    I got the price A little dow but not 5K difference.
    So he is holding for me .
    I wonder when was that work done?
    I can't decide :bawl: :confused:
  5. Leco reis

    Leco reis

    Sep 2, 2004
    Astoria, NY
    Please Luthiers out there give me a point on ITshould the neck be a huge problem?
    Hay largemouth what bass are you buying at volker?
    I saw a bass that he bought in a auction that I really liked .
    I don't know why didn't buy.
  6. It sounds to me like you're pretty well covered IF you really love the bass. Not knowing you personally, it does seem to me that there's a little passion missing in your posts regarding this bass. In other words, it seems to me that you have serious doubts about the bass. I've been in the same situation where there might be something wrong with the bass or I had serious doubts about the health of the instrument. Usually the sound/playability would get me over that big hump of "doubt" and kind of erased the doubt in mind in favor of my love for the bass. I don't sense that passion for this particular bass in your words.
    In my opinion, you maybe should keep looking.
    Good luck either way Man!
  7. Leco reis

    Leco reis

    Sep 2, 2004
    Astoria, NY
    don't get me wrong, i LOVE the bass--the way it sounds and the way it plays is amazing--but, the neck ............................. :meh:
  8. See? Just exactly what i'm talking about! :confused:

    AMJBASS Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2002
    Ontario, Canada
    If you aren't prepared to sink another few thousand into the bass if something should go wrong, pass on it. It is not worth investing a large sum of money into a bass that could very well require a huge repair job. I trust Barrie though. If he thinks it won't be a problem than I would be alright with it.
  10. Matt Ides

    Matt Ides

    May 12, 2004
    Minneapolis, MN
    Sounds like you should still be looking. :)
  11. shalimar


    Jan 7, 2005
    We always dream of our one and only true love to be perfect, without flaws. But how often does that really happen? Usually we find a healthy balance where the good outweighs (significantly) the bad. This is just as true with basses, especially old basses. If they've been around for a century or more they oftentimes have had major repair work. I've seen some Frankenstein basses that played and sounded very nice, and that held their value despite cosmetic flaws. Luthiers can do some amazing restorative work. I admit when you are paying thousands, or tens of thousands, for a bass you are uneasy with the idea of a neck that has been glued back together, but that doesn't nescissarily impede it's playability. Provided it doesn't ever sustain another major blow it may never have to be replaced. If you get it, insure it appropriately so that should the neck fail you stand a good chance of getting reimbursed for the repair.
  12. Shornick

    Shornick Scot Hornick

    Dec 18, 2001
    hey leco i wrote you back privately too, but it was a great sounding and playing bass. i would trust kolstein not to sell you something that he thought was bad since from your profile i see you are in ny and can get back to him if there is a problem. i believe the bass is on consignment so i would check the price as much as you can. after playing that bass for a bit i am sure it will sell in the near future if you don't take it, i would go check it out some more if you are unsure. let your ears decide for you. all older instruments are going to have some problems if you think the crack is bad enough you do get 7-10 days i believe through kolstein, use one of those days to take it to another luthier and see what they say? or is that bad to do?
  13. For the last 5 or 6 months I have been doing some intensive shopping and have played probably close to 30 basses. There was one new instrument in particular that felt and played pretty good. I also played a old bass that sounded good and was fairly playable but was really beat up with chipped and frayed edges and a multitude of cracks and dips. I actually liked both basses but just didn't feel drawn to either one.

    About 3 weeks ago, I tried another bass and it was like "Holy Smokes!" The sound was very good but the feel of the bass was unbelieveable. It was without a doubt the best playing instrument I have ever touched. I had heard several of the folks around here mention how when you get the right instrument it just grabs you--well I have been grabbed. This bass doesn't have any real issues but neither did one of the other two I really liked. However, this bass did remove all doubt whereas the other ones just inspired doubt.

    I do think the moral of the story is that if you are having serious doubts about it, think twice before you buy. When you have the fever for a new bass (or anything else for that matter), you may not always think clearly and could make a rash decision that you will later regret. Patience will usually pay off and allow you to find what you are looking for at a price you can afford.