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  1. Ok so I am in the process of of refinnishing a used squier P bass that i picked up for a song. The previous owner left it in rough shape (which was what I was looking for as a project bass)

    Anyways I have taken her apart and hand sanded it right down to the sealer. Repaired the three damged spots with some wood filler and now have her baby smooth.

    I have read a number of threads on the painting process but nobody mentions the screw holes (pickguard, strap nut, etc.) Is there anything I should do to them prior to painting?

  2. Nothing special needs to be done prior to painting, just pre fit all hardware and repair/fill as necessary.
    When you start wetsanding, they could be filled to keep water out of the holes, and not swell the wood under the finish. Thus cracked finish around the holes. I use plumber's putty.
  3. Smilodon


    Feb 18, 2012
    I was thinking about this the other day as well. Would filling the holes with candle wax be a good idea? Or more importantly; will it be waterproof enough?