Painting with poly finis

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    Apr 7, 2010
    Ive been reading a lot, trying to wrap my head around finishing for my first attempt.

    It’s looking like I may be going with a wipe on poly, as spraying nitro seems problematic; in Louisiana it’s about 10000% humidity and my workspace is basically a carport.. it seems like the blush from humidity and the dusty uncontrolled environment just wouldn’t be ideal for spraying nitro (or spraying poly really). I’ll probably use minwax wipe on poly, I’ve used it on some projects and it buffs up well enough.

    Anyway here’s my question- I’d like to do a combination of opaque (on the edges) with a transparent dye on the middle of the body. What kind of paint is appropriate for this? Can I use the water-based colortone stuff with poly as a base? Should I just find a rattle can I like?

    Sorry if I missed something obvious, I just find all the solid coat topics tend to deal with nitro