Pair of Gauss 15" speakers (need work) $50 + shipping

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    These could be a nice set of speakers once they've had their issues dealt with. SOLD[DEL]$50 plus shipping[/DEL] and they're yours. I have accounts with major shippers so I get a bit of a discount.

    Both are Gauss 4583F 8ohm 15" speakers, consecutively numbered. Nice solid cast frames on these.

    Spkr 1: works fine but it does have some damage to the foam as a result of the gasket slipping. Might be able to get by with just a re-foam on this one

    Spkr 2: Also needs a re-foam but also needs a recone as the cone will stay out when you push it out instead of returning to rest.

    Spkr 1

    Spkr 2