TRADED Pair of SWR Eminence 300 Watt 10" 8 Ohm Bass Speakers

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    Apr 25, 2013
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    I have a pair of SWR Eminence 10" 8 Ohm bass speakers. I verified with Eminence that these are SWR speakers and are rated at 300 watts RMS. They are used and are in good condition. No tears cracks or other issues. There is a small smear of glue on the edge of one of the dust caps, but causes no problems (see last pic). These are monster speakers and handle a ton of power and they sound incredible. I'm asking $100 for the pair plus actual shipping cost to the CONUS. If you have a business address, the shipping will be a lot cheaper. I'd also consider trades for a Bartolini NTMB or equivalent pre-amp or a decent Bass Compressor. Let me know what you've got. Check out the pictures for more details. PM me for questions or for shipping quote. Thanks for looking.
    IMG_2984.JPG IMG_2985.JPG IMG_2986.JPG IMG_2987.JPG IMG_2988.JPG
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