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Palatino EUB

Discussion in 'Electric Upright Basses (EUB's) [DB]' started by mhicks, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. mhicks


    Aug 13, 2004
  2. Looks like a great deal, but I can't speak for the build quality or playability. Most name brand EUB's with the proper string length, bridge height, neck and fingerboard go for at least 3 times that price. If you decide to buy it give us a review. Does this vendor have a trial period ? If it's no good send it back. ;)
  3. mhicks


    Aug 13, 2004
    Thanks Frank. I'm keeping my eye out for deals on better-known brands, but if nothing comes along in the next couple of weeks I may just go with this one. Interesting, becuase I've been reading posts about their acoustic uprights (which I gather cost half as much as the EUB) for some students of mine, and it sounds like they're not worth the box they're shipped in. But to get a chambered body EUb with headphone jack, active electronics, full-lenght fingerboard, etc. for $600 and change seems pretty amazing. I'll write a review if I go with this one.

  4. Bas B

    Bas B

    Jan 28, 2005
    Last weekend I received my brand new and cheap Palatino EUB. Very fast service, only problem was that the fingerboard was not fixed to the neck. So I had to glue it my self.
    Playing with my Gallien Krueger 112 in my small study room the bass sounds quiet well. The high tones a bit like a frettless bass.
    This week I tried the bass with the bigband I am playing in and I was disappointed. The bass sounds too much like an electric bass.
    Now I have a question: Where should I start to get a more double bass sound with this Palatino. I think the wood (ebony, maple) and the construction are good, but some parts can be improved. What would be best to replace the
    strings, the pickup, the bridge or is it the amp? It has a adjustable bridge: does the metal part of such bridge influence the sound? I have heard a lot samples from the different manufacturers sites. Most sound more double
    bass like than my EUB. There must be a way to improve it. Who has some suggestions?
  5. anonymous0726

    anonymous0726 Guest

    Nov 4, 2001
    My experience has been that most EUBs have too obtuse a string angle across the bridge and this makes the things act/feel more like a Slab. I don't know angles out of my head, but I'm sure that the tree doctors here at TB might be able to help you out with this. As far as updating your weapon to play/sound like a real bass, I'm sure that there are a few options. The bad news is that by the time you have the thing up to snuff you'll have probably spent as much as buying an Alter Ego or Azola.
  6. The fingerboard scoop in particular makes a drastic change in the sound. There's often not enough scoop so you get too much of that fretless "mwahhh".
    Bring the EUB to a qualified luthier to check the FB's scoop and increase it to get more thump.
    I've found that choosing orchestral strings also makes a big step toward a real DB's tone. It reduces sustain and brightness.
  7. mhicks


    Aug 13, 2004
    Hey Bas,

    Thanks for your input. I'm just curious about the, um, fingerboard not being attached to the neck. First of all, did you ask the place you bought it from to send you another bass, or was it not supposed to be attached? Secondly, what did you use to glue it on with? About the EUB sounding like an electric, it's been my experience that any time you're in a big band situation where you have to crank up the volume, even the best upright and amp setup are going to lose the natural acoustic sound. But you said you like the sound of the bass in a quiet room? Does it sound more like an upright to you in that context? Thanks again for any info.

  8. davesisk


    Aug 30, 2004
    Raleigh, NC
    Hi folks:

    I stumbled across these EUB's recently, and I was thinking of picking one up also. I've heard the same things about quality problems, but I also agree that it's quite hard to really screw up a stick with pickups on it moreso than an acoustic upright. :eek:

    Have you tried arco (bowing) on this EUB? I know it's much more difficult on an EUB than on an acoustic upright, but it can still be done (and can sound quite good...a la NS Designs EUB's).

    On the pizzacato (plucked) tone, you said it sounds much like an electric fretless. How much like an electric fretless? I already have a 5-string fretless, and it doesn't sound anything like an upright. I guess what I'm asking is how much like a fretless does this guy sound? How much of the coloration was from your amp vs. from the bass?

    Just out of curiosity, do you have or could you make some sound files of this EUB going direct so we can get an idea of what it sounds like?

    Best regards,
  9. Hi folks,
    I own this EUB since november. Here are my comments about it but be aware that I am a begginer in the double bass world :

    I bought it on ebay and receive it plaing condition (I didn't have to glue the fingerboard by myself).
    Sound : I like it. I haven't played it loud but in my room, it sound good. Not a real DB sound but not really a fretless bass sound. Something between the twos. IMHO the qound is quite good compared to what I've heard on the net from other model.
    I have changed the bridge & the strings :
    My bridge was broken during transport (the strings where undertension during transport a a shock may have broken the bridge) but I've glued it to start to play. The new Bridge made a real improvement. Acousticaly (unplugged) the bass sound really louder & the plugged sound was quite better.
    I think that my old glued bridge was not really ideal in propagating vibration.

    After that I changed the original strings (probably palatino brand) that where quite light and have bad reputation. After reading a lot of reviews on talkbass, I have choosen thomastick Superflexibles (I planning to play pizz jazz & arco for working on intonation). This also improves the sound a lot.

    The problems in my opinion :
    - The bridge is not a standard Side. The width at the feet is 115 mm that correspond to a 1/8 bass bridge. But the height is smaller than that. To replace it I've bought a 1/8 bridge, cut the legs & replace it with my original adjustable feet.

    - Preamp quality : Thereis a "tonality" knob on the bass that gratly affect the sound. If you place it for having a brighter sound, and if the voulme of the preamp is high, you will hear a hum. This is particularily clear if your amp is good for reproducing high frequencies...

    Why did I bought it ?
    *I was interested in DB (I play a lot of other instrument). But
    my "music room" was à the 3rd floor with really narrow stairs so that it seems impossible to carry a DB there.
    *I wanted to be able to work my instrument late at night without disturbing my familly & neighbours.
    *I was aware that nothing can replace a real DB.

    Since I have it, I've tried several real DB and this really great !
    The switching between the EUB & real one is really easy for me. However, for playing acoustically with a real one requires much more strength in right hand fingers. I now work on my EUB with a low volume setting train my right hand. And yes the vibrating body of the real thing is a great experience :)

    I hope these comments can help but take it for what it worth... comments from a DB begginer that takes a lot of pleasure with its EUB.

    Sylvain Clement
  10. davesisk


    Aug 30, 2004
    Raleigh, NC
    Have you tried playing this EUB with a bow? I'm interested in how difficult it is to get and maintain an arco tone. Folks say the Eminence has a decent arco tone, but I had great difficulty maintaining a steady tone on that one with a bow. The NS Designs seemed really easy and sounded great. How does this guy stack up? (Btw, I don't expect it to be as good as the $4500 NS Designs EUB.. :cool: ...but I'm hoping it's still possible to get a decent arco tone!)

  11. I have try arco playing. But, since I'm a begginer, I don't think I can make useful comment about arco tone. I just try to practice a little with the bow for working intonation. I don't find it hard to get a steady tone but with my begginer's criterium.
  12. I would go for it. Sounds like a winner for the coin. I guess I would get the TIs and have it professionally set up, as suggested by the mod.
  13. gpnhs


    Feb 16, 2003
    los angeles,
    salut sylvain.
    was wondering if you had any more insight/comments since the last post. how's the palatino been holding up?
  14. I still have lot of fun with it. In late the evening, I work with it
    unplugged. The sound coming out of it is enough with the new bridge/strings. Yesterday I played on a real DB. Another difference is weight balance. It's a little more difficult to find the balanced position on th EUB than on the real thing.

  15. I found a Palatino EUB in a local store today and gave it a good workout. Part way through the bridge fell off - still have no idea why! Anyway, got it together again and annoyed eveyone in the store for a while.
    I came away with mixed feelings. It's less than half the price of any alternative I can find in Australia, bit it's still $1500 retail, which is about double what I think it's worth. The woodwork is OK, the fingerboard seems to be a reasonable piece of ebony, but the hardware is incredibly cheap & nasty. Light plastic brackets for the spike & 'body' extension and a crappy looking pickup under a nasty adjustable bridge.
    However, the sound was actually fairly good. I guess I had low expectations - I'm a BG player and thought it would sound like a fretless BG, but it had more of the explosive dynamics of an URB than I expected.
    I'm assuming if I buy one I'll have to upgrade pickup, bridge & strings immediately, as well as maybe the preamp, so I'm not quite convinced it's worth the money, even at it's low price.
    Maybe it's back to my previous plan - looking for a broken URB so I can salvage a neck & hardware to make my own EUB.
  16. Marcus Johnson

    Marcus Johnson

    Nov 28, 2001
    "Explosive" being the operative word when discussing Palatinos.
  17. Would you please explain to a newb what you mean by "fingerboard scoop"?
  18. If you look at the fingerboard from the side, it should not be flat, but have a slight concavity. (lenght-wise)
    This gives room for the strings to vibrate and prevent buzzing.
    This concavity should be higher on the E string side, and smaller on the G string side.
    As you now understand, the shape of a bass fingerboard is a very complex curve, being convex in the horizontal plane, and concave in the vertical plane.


    Mar 1, 2005
    Brighton UK.

    i bought one of these off ebay in november last year. Being totally new to URB i wanted to get something cheap and nasty so that if i didnt like it i could sell it for more or less the same price. My teacher has recently shaved the fingerboard to get rid of a bit of 'zing' in the G string and now it sounds epic, He also cleaned off the dye/paint on the fingerboard too and it looks really nice. Being new to URB, i dont have a reference to compare, but it sounds nothing like the fretless that i use and has loads of growl in the bottom end. Im very happy with it, and am now in the process of looking for a proper DB (another item i dont need with money i dont have!). I'd say that its great if you want to try out uprights without forking out a wad of cash for a DB or a decent EUB.

    My 2 cents worth.
  20. blueboss


    Apr 20, 2005
    Hi Dave!, I'm a new member. I think to buy a Palatino VE-500 EUB ! Did you buy or did you try to play the Palatino EUB with an arco. Could you play like an Ac. Upr. Bass. The bridge form and the fingerboard shape same as an Ac. Upr. Bass.
    best Regards