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Palatino VE-500 Electric Upright

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by rdingess, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. rdingess


    Oct 26, 2008
    Sunburst model. $679 new. Info:

    I purchased this used, it is in the exact cosmetic condition it was when I bought it. Some minor dings, but nothing noticeable unless you are inches away.

    There are some common modifications done to these instruments to make them more playable...they tend to have issues coming straight from the factory. I've done all the most popular ones:
    -Thin strip of rubber under the pickup, and between the feet of the bridge and pickup
    -Cloth between metal parts of the tailpiece to stop strange ringing noise
    -Cut and sanded down the bridge so that the action is not unbearably high. Now you can adjust it to anything within normal string-height range for a real acoustic upright

    I don't have the gig bag that comes with it. I hear that they are cheap though, and folks that have them replace them asap anyway.

    There is a piece that attaches to the bass so it can rest against your body (since the bass is so thin) like a real upright. That didn't come with when I bought it, so I can not offer it to you unfortunately. What I used was a cymbal stand, which screws right into a hole already made in the bass for that body-rest piece. I thought that worked fine, and I will sell the stand to you with the bass for an extra $30 (I bought it for 60).

    So I have:
    (You can buy these all together or separate...whatever you want)

    $400 for the bass
    $30 for the stand
    $50 for a cheapo French bow (100 new)

Thread Status:
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