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Palm Zire72 vs TungstenE

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by whatsinaname, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. My penny-pinching boss has decided to loosen the purse strings,let a few moths fly out, and let me get a new PDA.
    Not one to miss an opportunity to spend the company nickle, I want to act quick. The company will authorize either a Palm Zire72 or a TungstenE. The Zire has the integrated camera,so I'm kinda leaning that way. Can any of you TB folks offer pro / con for either of these two products? Or anyone experienced with both of them? These are the only models open for discussion, because its either one of them or I have to keep the old IIIc.
  2. Just got a Tungsten E. Very nice. Pros: Documents to Go (Excel, Word, Powerpoint editing on your Palm), Adobe Reader for Palm, Realplayer for Palm... But these are all on the Zire as well. The Tungsten feels pretty robust, screen is nice and sharp - easy to read. Quick to load up apps and fairly sharp moving around, it only lags when reading stuff off the SD card. Can hotsync via the USB cable or IR. (The Zire72 may be able to hotsync via Bluetooth?). The only downer is no cradle.

    I've also found the transferring audio and stuff to the SD card is slow if you go via the Hotsync Application. I've recently bought a small "Pen-drive" like SD card reader and this works brilliantly - USB2, so it's fast. You don't need to buy Palm's own SD cards either. I got a "generic" 1Gb SD card and it works perfectly.

    The Zire's camera doesn't seem to be terribly good though - I've got a little digital camera for taking pictures!! You can transfer these easily to the Palm and then beam them from there if you want.

    The Tungsten is also marginally cheaper if that's an issue - you could probably swing a Tungsten AND 1Gb SD card for the price of the Zire...

    Here are two articles which may help:
    PDA roundup where the Tungsten E came out top:

    Recent review of the Zire72:

    EDIT: OH yeah, don't know if this is important to you, but you can get GPS solutions for Zire, but not Tungsten E... They're costly though.
  3. Thanks for the info, MKS.
    The second article you included has me steering back toward the Tungsten.
    Glad you mentioned the camera quality (or lack thereof).
    Neither of these PDAs has a cradle, I guess this keeps profits up for Palm.
    We don't run Bluetooth in our office, just 802.11g for our laptops, so that won't be a deal breaker. I'll take your advice and use the cost savings to buy the 1G SD card with the Tungsten.
  4. j-raj

    j-raj Bassist: Educator/Soloist/Performer Supporting Member

    Jan 14, 2003
    Indianapolis, IN

    I have the Zire 72 (I customized it to silver, pealed the Blue rubber off), I love it. The Camera isn't amazing, but for a quickie while shopping, fender-bender, for sale, by owner sign... it's fine. I have a serious film and digital cameras for real pictures.

    The RealPlayer is cool for a 'little' mp3 player... which I really only use little for tunes in cover bands. I usually use the memo section for setlists and songlists... informal practice notes and charts. The voice recorder is handy when taking down a shopping list (hands-free) or humming out a melody that is stuck in your head for a future tune... Again the quality isn't ProtoolHD quality, but I make my Zire a gig tool.

    You can always get a bluetooth transmitter for any computer with either a PCMCIA slot or USB jack... My mac had one built in, so I don't use cables/cradle at all when HotSync'ing. Only a cable to charge it, once a week.

    The only thing that I miss, since I upgraded to a PBG4 1.33mhz and a Zire 72 at the same time... is the Avant Go connectivity. I loved popping Mapquest content for out of town gigs. Rollingstone, Fool.com, CNNfn, NYTimes and the Onion content was cool to have the article to read if waiting for an appt or session.

    Too Bad A-G didn't have an OSX version. Anybody know of an alternative for static online content to be d'loaded on your PDA during sync's?

    I really think that you'll be fine with either... I thought I was going to go with the TungE, but the Zire fit my needs better.
  5. Yeah I've got a few nice little bass related apps on my TE. I have chord charts for helping learn the more "esoteric" chords, and a fretboard tool that again helps me learn scales / modes / arpeggios by mapping out the notes. I guess it helps me visualise alternative fingerings for chords and stuff. http://pda.tucows.com/palm/musicassistant95_default.html

    Avantgo is a very neat little app. (www.avantgo.com) You subscribe to content then every time you hotsync it pulls down Palm friendly versions of the webpages.

    With the 1Gb SD card I can get at least 11 hours of MP3's on there. Most are >128Kbps so I'm just using the default bitrate from my laptop without having to recode them. The sound quality of the MP3 player isn't wonderful - kind of lacking in the bottom end - and the onboard speaker isn't worth much at all, only really for voice playback. But since I carry the TE back and forward to work every day, it helps to while away the time.

    Hope it works for you!