Pappalardi demos

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  1. Felix Pappalardi was one of the most unique bass players in terms of notes and tone in music. I heard, or should I say FELT :)hyper:) him and Mountain in a 2800 seat music hall in February 1971. There were six 2x15 Sunn cabs sandwiching three Heads humming away in the dark, all ready to roar as I walked into the hall. Within a month, I routed in my Humbucker into my ’69 P, where it’s been ever since.

    I’ll be posting several Mountain demos over the next two weeks, one at a time. No, I don’t pick, no, I don’t have 500 watts of tubes, and yes I have the humbucker, which I will not use on these tunes. I will NOT do Mississippi Queen. First up… “Never in My Life”. Follow the link below and use headphones.

    Trivia: What tune can you hear Pappalardi play Viola??
  2. Here is "For Yasgar's Farm". Just open my link below. If you don't know this tune, get ahold of a vinyl recording of Climbing and, as the record jacket says... "play it loud".

    Nobody know the answer to the trivia question?? :confused:
  3. " Flowers of Evil"-This is an old fashion rock and roll tune. I've always been drawn to Leslie West's rhythm guitar in this and other tunes. He rocks on rhythm, sings and screams on lead, and has a voice you love to hate! One of the greatest ever.

    Notice how Laing "downshifts"- double times- to rev up the tune. Open the link below.
  4. "One Last Cold Kiss" Open the link below. One of my favorite "Pap" bass lines ever.
  5. "Nantucket Sleighride"- Open the link below.

    One of the best little know tunes in rock history, each band member's unique sound and style combined to make the unique sound and style that Mountain was. Leslie's "wailing" is...HIM... untouchable. If you want to really delve into the band's true persona, listen to their live version of this tune at the Fillmore East. Pappalardi's sound has to be heard!!
  6. Here’s “My Lady” off of Nantucket Sleighride.
    One of the most beautiful love tunes in Rock. Once again, Leslie West's rhythm guitar track show a raw, natural, pure musician who could have graduated Juilliard in a different life. Stop here if you want to feel good...... so, if you want to know how the love story between Felix and his lady ended, wiki "My Lady”. The tune is STILL beautiful. Open Thanks.