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  1. Hey, all...

    This may be a really stupid question. What is the difference between series pickups and parallel pickups. The tone is what i am interested in. I have a MIM Jazz V and I think i want to re-wire it to Master Volume, Balance and Master Tone. I am also in college and as some of you know, there is a large lack of funds. So this has to be a cheap mod. Can it be done?:confused: :rolleyes:

    thanks all

  2. Hmm...pickup question...pickup forum
  3. llomens


    Sep 25, 2003
    Hey Joe, series/parallel tone all depends on how you do it. You can wire a humbucking pickup in to switch or wire 2 pickups for the same... You need a 2 way switch to do this mod and still retain your current tone...
    Wiring 1 pickup doen't change the tone a whole lot. Unless you have a real good ear you probably won't notice it. As for wiring 2 pickup for the switch, I have a P/J combo on my bass and when I flip my s/p switch it goes from the full tone to a thin mid/high tone that isn't really useable unless you'r looking for something strange. It won't fill the traditional bass idea in a band, more like a crazy solo ting or something...

    If you need info on how to do theis mod check out the free info at

    Hope this helps.
  4. llomens


    Sep 25, 2003
    Yeah I just looked at my bass and realized it's wired for a phase switch rather than a S/P switch. I had both setups at one time or another... sorry for the confusion.
  5. I have done the series/parallel wiring thing to my Precision. This is not a J, but the number of wires and connections are identical, as the P is actually two pickups.

    Here is the link to drawings on my site:

    Series/Parallel Drawings
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