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    I'm fairly new here. I am shopping for an amp upgrade (I presently only have a Carvin Probass 150). I have been looking around on Ebay etc. My question is what other amp/cab companies are roughly comparable in price/quality to Carvin in the used market? Look's like I can get a used Redline 4x10 for $200-$300 and a Carvin Head (anywhere from 300-600 watts) for about $200-$300 also. So my total investment on a used setup would be $400-$600 depending on the deal. What other amp/cab makers can I get something similiar and should be looking for?

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    For my tastes, you are not likely to do much better than Carvin in the used *head* department for your budget, but since tastes differ, you should also keep an eye out for Peavey, Ampeg, G-K, and Hartke, all of which have been known to fall into your price range.

    For used *cabs*, you probably can do better than Carvin if you're patient and observant. Not that Carvin is terrible in this regard, but on the used market I think there are better buys to be had. Look for all the aforementioned names plus Eden, SWR, and Genz Benz. If someone offers you Aguilar, Bergantino, or Epifani at a price you can afford, give it some strong consideration (but don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen).

    Happy hunting.
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    Thank you sir!!