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(Parker) Fly me to the moon......

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by MikeBass, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. richnota

    richnota Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 11, 2005
    Santa Cruz
    Dealing with Mike is great. (i'll post the R Fretless ASAP...Sweet). There's so much happiness going around.

    I loved the Parker but didnt play it enough--im just too into freless. The carbon neck on the Parker feels perfect (when they finally do a fretless Im getting it). I found the Piezo blends in amazing clarity.

    In a way, I think Parkers dont get their due because they're from a "guitar" maker. Its a brilliant bass....enjoy it Mike!
  2. OK, six weeks or so in to this bass and a ton of gigs on it, so time to update the post!!

    This thing is clear. Sound guys are commenting on how articulate it is and how "clean" it sounds.
    As Ken (KJung) stated a very modern sounding Jazz bass.
    Again, I would say like MTD does a Jazz.

    The tiny head stock does not allow for Hiopshot untralights to be swapped out so a D-Tuner to be installed (a big downer for me) and talking to Sperzel, I may even run into an issue with their "D-Thing" detuning tuner getting one on there (again, big down side for me).

    Not super crazy about the pre-amp, so I leave it flat and have been using my Demeter outboard pre (basicly their onboard mounted in a stomp box) and it's worked out great.
    But the output on this bass is STUPID hot. And cannot be adjusted down.

    I love love love the weight. 6 1/2 pounds of joy.

    Played it next to my old Jazz (and just for the record, there isn't really a bass that comes close to that thing tone wise) and it got put down hard. But it weighs like 13 pounds!!!! So the Parker kicks it's butt in that dept!!

    And it's neck it nice. Very nice actually.

    Also had a chance to play a Sadowsky Metro 4 for a few tunes last night next to it and well..........the Metro.....well.....it's a Sadowsky.

    Anyway, it's a great bass still. I'm gonna give it a go for a few more gigs and see where we stand.

    I'm a 4 stringer at heart and the sticking points are lack of being able of having a D-Tuner, controls that are not "user friendly" when quick adjustments on the fly are made and reset back to "flat" quickly are needed. A little too modern sounding at times (hard to tame IMO) and hotter than hell (no pun!) output comparred to EVERY bass I played it next to- ones I owned and ones I don't. Which makes switching difficult.

    On a side note, we are working things out so finacially (I'm back to work now), and it isn't a priority to have to flip it like I thought I would.
  3. andrewd


    Sep 5, 2003
    no dentents on the knobs would kill me! the one F Bass that I tried was the same way. I put it right back down.

    I wouldn't count on it. According to the FAQ, they still don't do lefties or 7 string guitars. Probably wouldn't do a 6 string bass either.
  4. Well, at least with F Basses (and with the pre-amp on the Parker, but NOT the pick-up pan pot) the Bass & Treb controls are boost only. No cut.
    So, I understand maybe a little confusion there.
    But at least with the Parker they put a center detent on the tone control for the piezo- (how nice of them:rollno:) but not on the pan for the magnetic pick-up pot.
    Someone really needs to explain that one to me:help:
  5. It's for sale.
    Great bass.
    Just not "me".
    God, this is tough too.
  6. Added some pics for your viewing pleasure!!:D

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