Part 2 Playin' the Bass Just Like Leo Intended

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  1. I was pleased at the lively conversation my post on Leo Fender's intentions when he had a finger-rest installed on his basses received. Its clear there is no consensus on his true intentions, although some research on Mr. Fender and the Fender Bass show strong evidence that it was there for guitar players to more easily transition to bass; I believe the video I posted of Little Jimmy Dickens supports this.

    In the same vein as the finger-rest are the pickup covers. Years ago I read that Mr. Fender had these placed over the Precision Bass' pickup and bridge so the player couldn't play directly over the pickup, making is a second effort to make the electric bass guitar sound as similar to an upright bass as possible.

    Several "history of the Precision Bass" and "history of the Jazz Bass" videos on Youtube contend that the pickup covers were used to reduce interference from the florescent lighting that was used in the early days of the Fender Bass.

    I side with the idea that Leo intended the Fender Bass to sound like an upright bass, which is why he had pickup covers installed.

    At some point the pickup covers likely became just a visual marketing aid; the company knew they would be removed soon after purchase, but they made bass stand out in the music store.

    Here's my very own '65 Jazz Bass with the pickup covers installed. The neck date is June 1965 and the neck F-Plate is 102xxx. It doesn't get gigged anymore, but the covers are currently off and in the case, 'cause like you, I play right on top of the pickups.

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