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  1. Christmas in February! I got the amp (Peavey DPC1000) yesterday and the rack, Furman PL Plus and the Korg DTR-1 today. Next week comes the Ampeg SVP-BSP preamp I ordered from bassnw to fill the empty slot. Here's a pic - and yes, it's sitting on top of my soon-to-be for sale Nemesis combo amp:


    Next - cab shopping. Looks like the Cirrus buyer is gonna turn out to be an NPB but at least I had a backup.

    later -

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    Mar 20, 2001
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    Congrats, how do you like it?
  3. CrawlingEye said...

    Congrats, how do you like it?

    Don't know yet - there isn't a preamp in the rack. It all lights up real nice, though :)

    I'll know the first part of next week when the preamp gets here.

    thanks -