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Parting Out Fenders

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Bassmickeyd, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. There's someone in Florida parting out a 66 Fender P-bass. It ends in 4-hours.
    The body's been refinished, but with no routes, sitting at $212.
    The neck has been refinished, lost it's Fender decal but kept it's neck date, comes with original tuners, sitting at $325.
    Original pickups $217.
    Original neck plate, $67.
    Pickguard is wired with knobs sitting $177.
    Bridge cover $35.

    So far he's sitting at less than $1100 for a 1966 Fender P-bass. Sounds cheap to me, but, I have nothing to do with this sale. I've always been curious with the guy's that part out instruments. Is it worth it?
    We'll have to see in 4/5 hours wether it is.
  2. Typically the bids shoot up dramatically in the last half hour and even more so in the last couple of minutes. A friend of mine bought an '08 P Bass last summer and due to losing his job in January had to sell it. He couldn't even get opening bid for it in one piece so he brought it over, I took it apart for him and he sold it for $250 more than he'd paid for it.
    Final tally of the closing bids;
    Neck $511.
    Body $295.
    Pickguard $385.
    Pickup $355.
    Neck Plate $105.
    Bridge cover$71.
    Thumb rest $42.

    Total $1764.
    Not bad and it might have taken him longer to get that out of the bass had he tried selling it whole. So, I guess parting out the bass worked out to his advantage.

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