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  1. Sup guys,

    I just picked up a Gibson Q80 bass, but one of the saddle pieces on the schaller designed roller bridge is missing. Do you guys think I'd be able to order the part, or am I going to have to order a whole new bridge?

    any suggestions?
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    Dec 21, 2002
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    Good luck! Post a "WTB", you might find something. I had a similar situation with a Schaller bridge. A fellow TBer had spare parts and sent me a couple of the rollers and screws. I think they've been passed on to others but I'll look when I get home. Schaller service is less-than-stellar. I don't really care for their hardware lines, either. You'd be better off replacing the thing with a nice Hipshot bridge.

  3. Is this the same bridge as on the thunderbird?
    If so I have the same problem at the moment.
  4. thanks zooberwerx. its not going to be my main player or anything, but i'm actually keeping it for sentimental reasons, especially because i received it for free from my church. thus, i'd like to have it as close to all original parts as possible.

    wilson, it's actually different than the thunderbird. it shares the same bridge as the explorer though.