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    NOTE: I'm moving in the middle of August and have started packing so finding and sending off stuff I've listed here may be kind of a crapshoot...your patience is appreciated...

    I'm adding parts to this thread as I try to move out stuff. I want to keep things as simple as possible so I'm going to group things into $5, $10, $20 items. Everything is small/light enough to ship 1st class and if you buy enough to go over that max weight (13 oz) I'll spring for Priority Mail. Open to offers for multiple items!

    $5 Each (add $2.50 shipping for a single item or buy 2+ items and shipping is on me)

    IMG_0129.JPG Funky blue pearl Jazz Bass control plate

    48F48F72-7550-41E2-8BC9-D6865534C992.jpeg Two plastic chrome colored knobs, push on type

    4C4C9AE4-5895-4886-9D14-338FF017E072.jpeg 1K audio taper pot, sealed package

    27E89607-52BF-40EC-BB22-2704BF152A0E.jpeg Round 1/4" jack plate for speaker cab or similar

    IMG_0123.JPG Bent plate 4 string bridge, 2 1/4" string spacing and 5 holes for screws (not included) - some wear

    $10 Each (add $2.50 shipping for a single item or buy 2+ items and shipping is on me)

    IMG_0234.JPG FretRest instrument wall hanger (have 3 new, 2 still in sealed package, 1 opened but unused)

    6F967BA5-70BC-4200-8D4C-12501438552D.jpeg Bent plate 4 string bridge, 2 1/4” spacing, includes 5 mounting screws, very nice shape

    A98EFCB6-50A9-4162-A2C4-D3DFCEAC1DF4.jpeg ‘51 P pickup cover, new in packaging and never installed, 2 mounting screws included

    1883FAEE-D210-4164-BCB4-5E82FBE5E640.jpeg Tele style 3-way switch, new w/packaging and never installed

    $15 Each (add $2.50 shipping for a single item or buy 2+ items and shipping is on me)

    IMG_0055.JPG Set, small bore bass tuners (2L and 2R) - $15 for all 4

    SOLD Schaller Strap Locks - two sets of strap lock mounts (4 total) plus two buttons with mounting screws, enough for one instrument and two straps

    $20 Each (add $2.50 shipping for a single item or buy 2+ items and shipping is on me)

    IMG_0232.JPG Wiring harness: 500K push-pull pot, 500K mini pot with tone cap, 5-way switch. Includes mounting screws for switch and washers/nuts for pots.

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    Do you still have strap locks ?
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