Passione solos compared to passione mediums/stark

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Im considering buying a set of solo strings. Right now I am using Kaplan orchestra mediums but have used passione Stark in the past. I would like to ask opinion on how the Passione solos compare with the orchestra Mediums and or Starks in terms of timbre/tension.

    Are they as dark? Do they feel tighter or looser etc.?

    Would also be nice if anyone that has compared them on the same bass with FD solos could comment.

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    Pirastro lists all their string tensions now.
    Like most Pirastro strings, the solo strings have a lot more tension than the orchestral strings. The Passione solos are definitely higher in tension than the mediums or stark gauges. Based on my subjective feel, I would say they are 3-5 pounds more tension than the stark gauge. Yes, they feel tighter and sound brighter to me. But check the Pirastro site for tension specifics.
    I've played Flexocor Deluxe solo strings and they are lower in tension than Passiones. To me the Flexocor Deluxe solos feel almost identical in tension to their orchestral string counterpart.
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  3. You can also find all Pirastro tensions in my "Manufacturers Data" Excel file that you can download from my Dropbox (link in signature). There is also tension data for solo strings downtuned to orchestra tuning and the tension data of all strings in there has been recalculated to a user definable scale, because the tension data by the manufacturers is given for different scale lengths.
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  4. If you use them at orchestra pitch, you'll get less tension than with the mediums or starks.
    I don't play arco, but for jazz pizz at orchestra pitch, these were the blandest strings set I ever tried.
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  5. Thank you all for the insightful comments :)

    I have the excellent excel file from Double Midi with the tension info. I was looking rather for personal opinions since sometimes the tension in pounds doesnt reflect the exact feeling under the bow. But more than anything Im interested in the perceived difference in timbre (brighter/darker etc.)
    Strings are so expensive now a days that I have to guess the best possible set to invest in.

    Aside from that I just love to have this type of discussions, I'm always lurking the comments on the strings section of the forum LOL...
  6. On a sidenote, the reason Im curious about tension is that I wish to play/record some bach music and for that purpose I prefer something that's not too tight but more resonant, for most other stuff I dont mind tighter feel because of the power and projection but for bach it seems to sound better when a more loose resonant setup (with some brightness) is used.
  7. Would you consider the Flexocor Deluxe solo to be considerably brighter than the Passiones?
  8. Yes, definitely!
    I guess Paul means the solo set tuned at solo pitch feels almost identical in tension to the regular set at orchestra pitch, otherwise I don’t share that opinion. (Solo set at orchestra pitch definitely feels quite looser)
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