Passive Jazz Wiring - VVTT?

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  1. My first real bass - an early 2000's MIM Deluxe Active Jazz bass - has been sitting unloved without hardware or pickups for far too long. I've got the itch to rehabilitate it and would like to wire it passively, with each pickup getting its own volume and tone knob like a stacked knob early 60's jazz setup just expanded across four normal pots and not two concentric ones (the bass has hole for a sidejack that you can't see in the picture below). I'm relatively new to pickup and electronic work, but thankfully will have someone help me with the soldering and wiring. I'm just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a good wiring diagram or easy to follow written instructions I can use for reference? I've search *a lot* but can only seem to find Volume-Volume-Tone diagrams, or diagrams for stacked knob layouts that I find hard to extrapolate into my desired four knob setup. I know this is probably a really entry-level question, but I want to make sure I fully understand what to do and importantly WHY to do it before I get going.

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