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  1. When the marcus miller bass is in passive mode does it have that clanky growl of a normal MIA jazz bass, or is it weaker?
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    The Marcus Miller bass sounds like a active bass with the pre-amp set flat. Out the box the MM bass does not bypass the pre-amp. It must be rewired to do that, I have done this with good results. Now it IS passive in that mode, but the tone controls still don't work that way. As for the sound in passive mode I would say it sounds different, perhaps a little brighter.
  3. Really!?! I thought you just pulled or pushed something to switch from active and passive.
  4. PICKUP SWITCHING 2-Way Mini Toggle Switch for Active/Passive Mode.
    In Passive Mode, Only The Two Volume Controls Function.
    In Active Mode, Both Volume and Tone Controls Function.

    From fender's site...

    Does it sound like a normal growling and clanking jazz bass when in passive mode without and crazy rewiring?