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    All of the following issues are being sold together. Following issues: 2001 May/June (Collectors Issue-Custer), 2003 Travel Annual, 2005 Travel Annual, May 2005 (Issue on old trains), Sept/Nov 2007 (Collectors Issue - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid), Oct 2008, Jan/Feb 2010, Sept 2010, 2011 Best of the West Issue, Oct 2014, June 2015, July 2015 (Collectors Issue-Fifty Photos of Poncho Villa). Twelve are in good condition. One has the cover almost coming off but still just barely hanging on.
    If you are not familiar with True West, each issue deals with the American West in the mid to late 1800's. Outlaws, Gun Slingers, Law Men, Western Movie Stars, Rustlers, Native Americans, US Calvary, Soiled Doves, Shootouts, even one issue on Custer. Hours and hours of good reading if you have any interest in the above. Ads alone are worth a lot of the asking price, as almost every ad is geared to someone who wants clothing, guns, hats, etc of that era. Also a lot of tourist places have ads. Travel Issue is for you if you want to visit places you have seen in movies.
    So, how are these priced? Travel and Best of the West $2 each, Collectors Issues (two at $5 and the Sundance Kid issue is $10. All others are priced at $3, and I added a few dollars for the shipping. (When new,Collector Issues were between $10 and $25 each) Fair price for many many hours of good reading. And lots of photos. True West past issues - A.jpg
    Well after three weeks only 27 views. So - not too many bass players are interested in the old wild west. If nothing happens I'll just end this post and donate these to someone who might be interested. Thanks for looking anyway.

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