Patagonia, and South America in General

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    Anyone done affordable treks through Patagonia? I'm taking about 2 months starting in November to see as much of the area as possible. I'm psyched to do the Inca trail, and am wondering if there are similar treks in the Patagonia. I don't have the budget for the types of trips i'm seeing in initial research, but i'd love to hear ideas/advice from anyone who has found ways to get into Patagonia for 3-8 days for cheapish - ideally heading out from Puerto Montt. I'm much more interested in renting some gear and heading out on my own than doing a guided tour - and am happy to stay within short bus trips of Puerto Montt, so not too deep in. Anyway - i'm interesting in hearing anyone's experiences/advice.
  2. I don't really know around Puerto Montt, but you might want to consider TORRES DEL PAINE, way down south.

    I have no idea about costs though.
    TORRES DEL PAINE park in Chile, gorgeous place.

    here's a map:


    On the argentine side you might want to check out EL CHALTEN,

    a very popular place in Argentina is BARILOCHE, I have not been trekking there, but have been there and it's a beautiful place, with easy access.
    Bariloche is on the argentine side, to the right of Puerto Montt on the map. sort of.

    If you want to stay around Puerto Montt, though, I really have no idea were you should go, sorry!
    good luck with your trip!