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Patrick Eggle basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by arther daily, Jan 22, 2001.

  1. Does anyone know anything about the Patrick Eggle Milan 4 string basses?

    How they play? How they sound? The Web site says they cost £1899 brand new in teh UK, and I think I've found opne 2nd hand for £300. - Sounds like a bargain, but I wanna know more?

  2. ...someone... anyone... please...!
  3. I tried one out ages ago in Soho Soundhouse (Turnkey) in London. it was well made, balanced well, had Sperzel locking machineheads.
    it cost about £700 back then ( around 1993/4)- Isuspect that the price you quoted on the website was for a new possibly custom built version.
    I didn't try it plugged in, but it got a good review in Making music magazine. my guess is that it would sound like the old wood neck Status basses (the Energy and Eclipse- roughly the same twin pickups and placement, rosewood fretboard, active circuit)- probably a bit bland if you're used to the punch and twang of your Stingray (especially if your 'Ray's a maple fretboard one.)

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  4. Hmmm, my Ray does indeed have a maple board and it does have much punch and a great deal of twang.

    The one on the site wasn't a custom one - it was just a standard 4 string Milan... The custom ones have special fret markers and all that sort of fancy stuff!?

    I'm after a 2nd bass and I want something good quality, but ideally costing me no more than £300 an not a Fender P or J. I'm gonna try it out...

    I think it's a swamp ash body with flame maple top, mahogany neck, rosewood board - active leccys - in black green burst (not too sure about this bit?).

    Mahogany neck does sound like it'll absorb any twang I give it tho...
  5. I'm pretty sure that the original Milan bass had a bolt-on maple neck with two walnut stripes in it, and a plain swamp ash body.
    the only time time I've ever seen one being played was by the bass player for Scarlet- he used a pick, and the sound wasn't anything special, and didn't cut through.

    the Milan bass they're currently making seems to be completely different, as you describe.

    did you check out the Hohner stick or Jack basses?

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  6. warnan


    Mar 1, 2004
    It is a long story....The first time i saw this bass was at 2004 Shanghai Music Expo. At that time i was a part time translator for Mr. Gordon Tiley.
    I really like the milan bass but couldn't afford it, after 7 years i saw this bass again on ebay and i didn't miss it this time.....She is mine.
    it has 1piece mahogny body with 2pieces bookmatch lightly flame maple top. Amazing flame maple neck, dark rosewood fingerboard. set in construction. handwound noiseless jazz pickups which lack of life to my ears. sustain is good and you can feel the vibration from the wood.
    actually, the bass sounds just ok for me when it is plugged, maybe i should have kent armstrong pickups on it.
    Retail price is bloody expensive...and thanks God i found it on evil bay.

  7. hampulator


    Feb 10, 2012
    I just bought one on E Bay. Got it today. Similar to yours,but 5 string maple neck.Paid $700.00 American+Free shipping. Sounds/plays great.Could not pass it up for that price,even after never hearing one,nor hardly any knowledge of Eggle Bass.
  8. hampulator


    Feb 10, 2012

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