Paul Chambers playing "Visitation"

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find this recording besides the Mosaic 3-disc set? My teacher wants me to transcribe it and I can get together the scratch to buy a set like tht. My local library doesn't have it, iTunes doesn't have it, Wal-Mart music store (yikes!) doesn't have it. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    The album is called Chambers' Music, or maybe Paul Chambers' Music.
  3. It's Chambers' Music. Any ideas where I can download it legally?
  4. My copy of Visitation is on a '70s Blue Note 2-lp reissue entitled Paul Chambers and John Coltrane. If you have a turntable it might be worth checking used record shops. The reissue series it came from--all the 2-record sets have the artist's name in big blue letters at the top of the cover and a photo below--seems fairly common and not usually too exorbitantly priced in used stores.

    I recently ran across Chambers' Music reissued on CD under Trane's name. Except they took Visitation off it. This made me a little angry when I saw it. I can understand putting Trane's name on a reissue, since it gives them half a chance of selling a few copies, and the title was something like "The Paul Chambers Sessions," so at least PC got a little credit. But why, WHY did they have to take Visitation off the CD just because Trane isn't on it? We bass players don't get any respect, do we?
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