SOLD Paul Reed Smith Gary Grainger 4 new custom ordered

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    Bass was custom ordered and is brand new. While waiting for this to come in I found another. Bass is Aquableux and is a 10 top quilted top. Weigh is right at 9lbs. Full active electronics as well as passive operation. 18V preamp. I love the bass but can't affo to keep 2 of them! Price new is $3549.00 I will take 2950 plus shipping. PayPal only and will ship to most places. image.jpg

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    You have to be careful leaving that thing out, people might set up folding chairs around it and start drinking little drinks with umbrellas in them.
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    What's the nut width and how would you describe the neck profile? Thanks.
  6. Number of Frets 24
    Scale Length 34"
    Neck Wood Maple
    Fretboard Wood Rosewood
    Neck Shape GG 4
    Width At Nut 1 5/8" wide – 53/64" depth
    Width At 12th Position 2 1/4" wide – 15/16" depth
    Bridge Outside String To Outside String 2.26"
    Bridge String To String 0.75"
    Nut Outside String to Outside String 1.28"
    Fretboard Inlays Birds
    Bridge PRS 4 String Bass Bridge
    Tuners Bass Tuners
    Truss Rod Cover "Grainger"
    Hardware Type Nickel
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    :nailbiting: Managed to be GAS free for years... and now this.
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    I have a one just like this and love it. A 5er PRS GG will be the sole bass acquisition in 2015 for me. Glwts!!