No longer available Paul Reed Smith PRS Gary Grainger

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    Jun 9, 2006
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    To keep this thread short and efficient; if you have any questions or offers please “Start a Conversation” with me rather than posting a comment.

    PRS Gary Grainger 4 string bass in Livingston Lemondrop. Includes original hardshell case with all the case candy. Plays like a PRS should.

    There are two blemishes on this instrument. Neither of them are significant, there is one on the ever so common lower bought and there is a very very hard to see line in the finish on the back that looks to me like it is the wood grain. It is so hard to see that you cannot see it in a picture. I attempted to show it but it really can't be seen. The blemish is about a wide as the finger tip trying to point it.

    I'm interested trading for a Hofner 500/1 or 500/2. PM me if you would like to trade either one of those.

    Asking $2395 +$75 for shipping CONUS. In the case this bass weighs a whopping 28.1 pound so I can't eat the shipping. Payment wise I am very happy to accept Apple Pay Cash or to wait for a check or certified funds in lieu of paying PayPal fees but I will accept PayPal as well.

    >>International shipping is ok at buyers expense. Please contact me in advance to determine exact shipping costs.

    fullsizeoutput_2520.jpeg fullsizeoutput_251f.jpeg fullsizeoutput_2521.jpeg fullsizeoutput_2522.jpeg fullsizeoutput_2523.jpeg fullsizeoutput_2524.jpeg fullsizeoutput_2525.jpeg fullsizeoutput_251e.jpeg

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  2. scowboy

    scowboy Supporting Member

    Jun 9, 2006
    Sacramento area
    Limited trade options added.
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