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Pawn shop finds???

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Woodsbass, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I found this beauty at a pawn shop and was wondering what other people have found at a pawn shop!

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  2. th_45sunburst_2.jpg th_GenzBenzMLine200_210T_fullnoflash.jpg

    $250 is the highest I've paid in a pawnshop.

    BTW, I like your find! I really dig the black.
  3. Marc61

    Marc61 Supporting Member

    Jul 29, 2007
    Greater NY Area
    I hit a couple of pawn shops in Rhode Island this past week..what I "found" was they weren't too friendly for the most part about me closely checking the merchandise. I gotta try some spots in NY. Ya never know
  4. I picked this up in a pawn shop in Miami for $600 last month. I figure it's worth just a smidgen more. ;)
    Basically a hybrid flatback of "juzek" origin*. ( carved solid spruce top - plywood back and sides)
    (full story here)


    *most likely the same Wilfer shop, however, not labeled Juzek. It instead is labeled by a Venezuelan importer.
  5. oldrookie


    May 15, 2007
    Avon, IN
    Yup, these two. Refinished the one on the left, the other is an '83 and will stay as is.

    Less than $200 combined but it would take a LOT more to get either of them away from me.

  6. nocontrols


    Apr 2, 2011
    NICE!! :D I agree that my Fury is worth way, way more to me than what I paid for it. In fact, I'm not going to sell it. Here it is:


    I got it for $110 from a pawn shop in Alabama via eBay. That should count as a pawn shop find, right?

    Question of the moment: Do you consider eBay to be the "new pawn shops"? I do. The pawn shops in my area are not as good. The selection is smaller and crappier and I have no problem buying online and having it shipped.
  7. Nah, not really. I still feel like eBay is riskier than a local pawnshop. Some pawnshop owners are shady and try cheat you but you have the advantage of seeing, touching, demo'ing the item before you buy. You can't do that on eBay. I still prefer to buy from a local pawnshop than from eBay if I can find the item locally.
  8. Bijoux


    Aug 13, 2001
    I got a Fender Jazz Bass fretless made in Japan, my luthier believes it's a 1979. paid $75!!!! :hyper:
  9. Fenders werent made in japan in 1979 so thats impossible, but probably from the mid 80s
  10. nocontrols


    Apr 2, 2011
    I'll take a Fender J for $75. I don't care if it was made yesterday or the year 1492. :D
  11. My feelings exactly , i just thought a luthier would be a tad more informed.
  12. These two ran me a combined $130. They both could use some work, but I like playing the Patriot so much I never can make the time to pull it apart. The Foundation is in in a state of metamorphosis at the moment.


  13. Bobby B

    Bobby B

    Jul 24, 2009
    Dallas, Tx
    In high school (late 70's), I used to pick guitars from pawn shops for money, and I made WAY more than any of my friends who worked jobs. Sold them to a local vintage shop owner. I don't remember exactly what all I bought or the years on them, but here's a list of what I remember:

    60's Fender Jaguar
    Fender Duosonic
    Fender Coronado
    Gibson Melody Maker
    Rickenbacker 6/12 Double Neck
    Ampeg Dan Armstrong 6 string (with 3 slide in pickups and OHSC)
    Airline Westwood
    MANY Fender Mustangs (mostly 60's versions)
    MANY Fender Stratocasters (mostly 60's versions)
    MANY Mosrites
    A few Les Pauls
    Several 60's and 70's P-Bass and Jazz Basses
    Loads of Silvertones and Danelectro guitars and basses
    3 Echoplex tape echos (2 solid state, 1 tube)
    I got a Farfisa Duo Compact Keyboard at a thrift store for $20
    Lots I'm forgetting... lots...

    Some days it was nothing, and others I'd buy 2 or 3 guitars. I located all the pawn shops in the area, and every day after school, I went to a different part of town and visited all of the pawn shops in that part of town. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. Prices were too high often, but after I bought a few things and became a "regular" it got easier to talk 'em down. They stopped thinking "dumb 16 year old kid is wasting my time" and started seeing me as one of their best customers, who traveled with cash and didn't waste their time.

    I learned a lot, saw a lot, and made a lot of money. I could usually pull $300 to $500 a week, and for a high school kid with a part time "job" in the late 70's, that was insane money. It started getting harder by the mid-80's though, and now the internet has totally ruined pawn shops. You can still find a few deals, but it's rare that anything really good even turns up in one. Most people go eBay or Craigslist or a forum to sell the good stuff, and it's dumb not to... Plus they know exactly what stuff sells for, and unless they make a mistake, there aren't any deals. Often they are asking more than something is worth, and get it from people who think it's a deal because it's in a pawn shop.
  14. oldrookie


    May 15, 2007
    Avon, IN

    That's what my Fury looked like when I started. Had more chips in the finish than yours does, but it wasn't in bad shape. Yours looks to be in great condition.
  15. Rockmusician

    Rockmusician Inactive

    I haven't had any luck in pawn shops in Massachusetts. Most of what they have are unknown names and copies. I occasionally see an Ibanez but have seen the same basses new at guitar stores for not much more money. The best thing I ever found was a Gibson Les Paul guitar.
  16. If you had that collection today, it would easily fetch five,possibly six figures.:D
  17. bigeyejim


    Mar 27, 2011
    There seems to be lots of love for the Peavey basses here. What's the story there?

    There are 3 or 4 pawn shops in the 100K population college town near me. They sometimes have some good finds, but lately have had a lot of junk. I don't think they see the Peavey basses as very good, but they seem to get a lot of them. Hard to figure. Once they grab a Fender, they can figure out how old it is, and then, BAM its $750. Too bad they probably only gave the guy $100 for his rent money.

    I bought my Squier on Ebay, had a Fender certified Technician set it up, and it plays like a dream. $115 for the guitar, and $30 for the setup. Not too bad.

    I'm going to have to look at these Peaveys!
  18. Bobby B

    Bobby B

    Jul 24, 2009
    Dallas, Tx
    There is something about pawn shops and Peavey.... they love Peavey!

    I had an old Peavey Mark III bass head like this one:
    Vintage Peavey 400BH Bass Amp Mark III Series Amplifier | eBay

    and got $200 out of a pawn shop for it, more than I could get for it anywhere else. Went in to see how much they had on it a week later and it had already been sold!
  19. nocontrols


    Apr 2, 2011
    Thank you! :D Mine has some chips on the butt end and some smudges that can easily be cleaned up with a polish. All in all, yes, very good condition. It does have just enough scuff and nicks to make it a "player" though and that's how I like it. ;)

    Yeah, Peavey's rule this thread, no doubt about that. I'm a bit new to the world of Peaveys myself so maybe some of the more experienced guys can chime in but, from my experience, US-made Peaveys are damn near the best secret in the world of bass. Sure, the company has turned out some clunkers and has put their name on some chintzy overseas-produced stuff... who hasn't? The secret is finding some US Peaveys from the 70's, 80's or 90's.

    That stuff is golden, if you're willing to clean it up a bit. And CHEAP. I'm talking Fury, Foundation, Patriot, T-40... usually under 400 and sometimes under 200 bucks. How can you get great gear for so little? I suspect it's just image. Musicians are image-obsessed and imagine that they need a "power brand" on the headstock. Hartley Peavey has always demanded that they keep the prices as low as possible and they consequently developed a reputation as a "cheap" company, never mind that the quality on some of their better basses is absolutely top-notch and those axes can survive anything. Let the image-mongers spend thousands and thousands... I like a great axe for as little as possible myself. Something Hartley and I have in common: We both think the "you get what you pay for" adage is BS. Seriously, watch some YouTube interviews with that guy and you'll see why his down to earth attitude has kept prices low throughout the decades. Snobs hate that attitude. It's like snob repellent. It's my favorite! :D

    Anyway, enough about PV. Sorry for rambling.
  20. dukeorock

    dukeorock Owner BNA Audio Commercial User

    Mar 8, 2011
    Nashville, TN
    Authorized greenboy designs builder/Owner of BNA Audio
    I'll check into pawn shops while touring...it's almost always no big deal...nothing great, or at the right price, but once in awhile you get something cool.

    1975 Gibson Grabber $275
    1956 Gretsch hollowbody guitar $125 (can't remember the model...got stolen)
    DeArmonde guitar- $250
    Eden 210 bass cab $200
    1976 Guild Acoustic guitar $300

    Those are some of the ones I remember...I live in Nashville...don't usually check here, because this town knows too much about instruments, but I've heard stories :)
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