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    Over the past couple of months I made several TB Classifieds payments through PayPal, each time specifying that the charge go to my credit card. Instead, the money was almost always taken from one of two bank accounts that were on my account. Kind of random as to which account. Luckily, my bank does not charge for overdrafts!

    I thought it was a mistake. I phoned today to complain. The CSR told me that there has been a change in policy. PayPal now ignores your instructions and takes the money from a bank account all the time. You can't specify a credit card. Odd, since they do ask and on one recent occasion, they did access the card.

    To me, PayPal's new behavior seems dishonest, perhaps bordering on fraud. Let the user beware!!!
  2. That's not happening on my account. I just went over the last month or so of transactions and the only ones that came out of my account were the ones I asked paypal to take out of my account. Interesting.
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    The plot thickens! Other experiences?
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    The only problem I've ever experienced with a PayPal account linked to a bank account was several years ago when my wife was triple billed for a single purchase...causing an overdraft. Now my PP account is linked only to a credit card.
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    I just checked my last couple of months of Paypal purchases at both the Paypal site and my credit-card site. I always bill Paypal purchases to my credit card, and all of my recent purchases were in fact correctly charged to my credit card. So, nothing wrong as far as I can tell.

    They've certainly made it increasingly difficult to pay with a credit card. For example, the default is always a bank account, and you can't change the default. It also isn't easy to find the radio buttons to change the method of payment. And for a while it was the case that whenever you chose the credit-card option, you had to read through a couple of pop-up screens extolling the virtues of billing your bank account instead. I can remember a couple of occasions when I wasn't paying attention and inadvertently charged to my bank account, but I know it was my mistake in those cases.
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    Apr 22, 2006
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    Are you sure that the CSR actually admitted that Paypal "ignores your instructions" if you choose to pay with a credit card? This would certainly be dishonest and probably fraud, so I have a hard time believing they would do this -- much less admit to doing so.

    It wouldn't surprise me if before long the credit-card option either goes away completely, or (perhaps more likely) they begin adding an extra fee to use a credit card. They just don't make as money on CC transactions because they have to eat extra CC fees. But I can't believe that they would give you a button to click on to choose CC, and then just bill your bank account anyway.
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    Quite so! I agree completely. I figured it was a glitch. However, the offshore CSR quite clearly told me that the only way to force CC billing was to delete the bank accounts from the PP account, which she did. I told her that I thought PP was effectively committing fraud. It did not seem to faze her.

    As I had been getting suspicious in the weeks leading up to the phone call to customer service, I took a screenshot showing my selection of a credit card on a very recent $10 transaction that was instead billed to my bank account. Obviously, I won't post that.

    This whole thing lowers my already extremely low opinion of Feebay and its PP subsidiary. I was tempted just to close the darn thing. But I like buying basses too much! :p I do think I'll write to Consumer Reports about this.
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    I refuse to add my bank account to my Paypal account. CC only. If they do away with that feature then they will lose a lot of customers.
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    Wouldn't surprise me, either.

    But I would think that because of their volume, their CC fees would be very low.
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    What I don't like, if I have money in my PayPal Account they always drain if first before letting me pay the balance on a CC or Bank Account. My wife likes to buy things occasionally and it comes out of my reserve. :spit:
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    That's an easy fix. Always have any funds in your PP account transferred to your bank account as soon as they hit your PP account. I NEVER leave funds in my PP account. Too many horror stories of PP accounts being frozen, so don't give them any chance of freezing your funds and with a zero balance it will let you make any purchase with you CC!
  12. I'm not a Paypal fan in general, but to give them their due they did call me to confirm my payment for a bass the other day.

    I suppose that's mostly covering their own since it was on my CC and they would be sol if it had been fraud. All the same, I haven't had a call from my CC now that the charge has gone through. It would be a major pita to find a huge CC bill if someone managed to hack my paypal.

    I don't know if reversed CC charges would fall on sellers or paypal.