Paypal woes - thoughts and questions .... and a rant !!!

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    Kelly robinson

    Dec 30, 2014
    Hi all -
    I recently had a mini nightmare with a small Paypal transaction done thru here that has shaken my desire to use Paypal at all if I can avoid it . I wonder if others of you have similar troubles ? I sent 55$ to a TB member thru Paypal in late Dec . I wrote in a Yahoo address as specified by the seller . He got back to me wondering where his money was . I looked up the transaction and found Paypal had forwarded the payment to another address entirely - a similar name for sure but not a Yahoo address at all . So I called Paypal and explained my concern and filed a claim with them . I wrote the seller and relayed my concern and told him what Paypal had told me - i.e. that the non Yahoo address was his main address after all . He said he only had one address and would look into it from his side . So I wrote the person at the address that had received the money and explained the mix- up . I called Paypal again . I got the same two addresses - one guy story .
    At this point I didn't know who or what to believe . The seller had good feedback and seemed legitimately concerned and was very willing to email me to help out . He even tried setting up a conference call with Paypal to facilitate my getting a refund . A week goes by and I get a letter from Paypal saying my claim had been denied . So I call them again . I tell the rep the whole story and they say - no worries - letter was sent by mistake - the claim is still open after all . They still insist the two addresses belong to the seller though but I shouldn't be concerned as I will no doubt get a refund after the ten day claim period is up .
    This week late I get an email back from the recipient of the money - saying he has no idea why I sent him any money and now his seldom used Paypal account is frozen . He wants to know what to do . I tell him the full story again and suggest he call Paypal to straighten it out from his end . Yesterday I get a notice from Paypal saying that my claim has officially been rejected yet again . So I try calling but the offices are closed till Mon . I email the seller and let him know and he's nice enough to call me yesterday afternoon to express his sympathy . All along he has been holding the item for me - waiting for me to get refunded so we can try the sale again . Very kind of him for sure - all around .
    This morning I get an email back from the recipient saying he has refunded the money - and one from Paypal confirming it . So all is well after all but I truly feel violated by Paypal . I spent literally hours - trying to get this mess straightened out . I have a spotless record on Paypal - this was my first claim ever and a 100% rating both here and on Ebay and yet I was treated very poorly by Paypal . Now I will avoid using Paypal as much as I possibly can and am hoping nobody else has these same troubles . I realize it was not a large sum at all but I was certainly , not going to let it go unchallenged . What irks me the most is Paypal's repeated insistence that the two addresses belonged the same person . When I brought up the possibility that there had been a mistake made on their end - they said that wasn't possible . I said but couldn't someone have hacked the seller's account and added the second address to be able to access the seller's bank etc - they said no way but that was after a short pause where I could hear the rep's hesitation as if it wasn't completely out of the question .
    I guess the bottom line for me is - I will attempt to avoid using Paypal as much as I possibly can . I hope that those of you who sell here will also be more open to accepting other forms of payment such as USPS money orders - meeting up in person where possible etc . Sorry for the long rant ! LOL ... Kelly
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    i feel for you: sounds like a nightmare!

    but: how many successful paypal transactions have you made before this unfortunate experience? statistically: it's not likely to happen again. just sayin'. ;)
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    Is there any chance that when you typed in the email address of the seller, that your computer auto-corrected it to an address it recognized? Or something like that.

    I have had a couple times where buyers paid from a different address than the one I billed to, but that’s under their control, not PayPal’s.
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