PCB for Wooly Mammoth Clone?

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    May 12, 2012
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    I want to build a Wooly Mammoth clone, but I'm not really sure where to buy the PCB. I did a search, and the results were mostly about the Sabertooth from madbeanpedals.com, which seems to have been discontinued. What are my other options?
  2. Use a program to create an etching on a PCB blank, flip it.
    Print it out on glossy paper with toner.
    Iron the toner on the paper onto the copper of the PCB blank.
    Place the blank in etching solution, wait til you get all the copper you don't need etched off. Shouldn't take long.
    Remove with something that's not metal and not flesh.
    Dilute solution in 5 gallons of water to dump.

    clean off finished PCB
    Drill holes.
    Insert components.

    DONE! :D

    If not just send a diagram to company that does costum one-off etching.