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  1. Hi.

    I HATE pdf's.
    With a passion.

    Sure, every once and a while You find a document that doesn't freeze Your old computer, does display correctly and most importantly prints out as it should.

    IME that's pretty darn rare though.

    WYSIWYG my sweet donkey.

    I was literally pulling the little bit of hair I have left around my bald spot trying to print some schematics the other day.
    No matter what I did, printing 'em was impossible.

    From the general .pdf dislike-discussions I've seen, I knew there had to be a solution.

    Probably old news to everyone else except me, but I found this and wanted to share:


    Sure was easy.
    Nothing to download, except for the final converted files of course.
    Either individually the ones You want/need, or the whole bunch on a .zip file.

    If someone knows a better one, or if there's any known problems or threats with this one, please do let me know.

    No affiliation what so ever, just a satisfied (one time) user.

  2. Wow, never seen such PDF hate before! :p

    The only problem I've had is when a printer doesn't automatically crop US letter to A4, if it's a PDF from a US source.

    Either way, use far too many PDFs with hundreds of pages for this to be a sensible option, glad it works for you though!
  3. PDFs are awesome, never have a problem with them.

  4. SoVeryTired

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    I've never had a problem with PDFs, but glad you found a solution.
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    hmmmm..maybe use sumatra (opne source, free download) as your default pdf reader? it uses much less computing resources than adobe.

    one can always take a screen shot to copy their screen (ctrl-alt-screen shot).

    check your default printer settings?

    all of this assumes one is using a pc-based machine.
  6. Febs

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    Sounds like a PEBCAK problem, rather than a PDF problem.
  7. Hi.

    :) happy to hear others have it smoother, perhaps I have to look into it more closely, since especially printing pdf's have bugged me for a long time.

    The main problem for me might be the antique nature of my setup, it ain't exactly something people would call an up to date system, but other than for PDF's and HD videos, everything works smoothly.
    And my gear is not old enough to vote or have a drink in a bar, but in upper secondary school old anyway ;).

  8. Hi.

    I have to lpook into that, the lack of resources may well be one of the reasons.
    Doesn't quite explain why printing in greyscale doesn't work with certain colours though.

    Tried that, doesn't work any better.

    :) despite the use of the WYSIWYG slogan, PC all the way.

    Damn you made me feel old, had to look that up even though I have used a similar expression numerous times over the years.

    DEFINITELY a strong possibility of PEBCAK.

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    I usually go the other way by converting JPGs of docs to PDF.

    I wouldn't be using a service for PDF to JPG conversion due to security concerns, though. You can snapshot PDFs using your snip tool and paste them as embedded JPGs into a doc.
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    I have some students that have problems with PDFs, but I really don't experience difficulty unless the original PDF maker has done a crappy job of saving it into a huge uncompressed mess of a file.

    There's a BIG difference in PDF readers and browser plug ins. The one that they have installed for online use on our work machines is a disaster, fonts don't render correctly, looks low res., etc. I almost always save then open rather than online viewing.
  11. We use Bluebeam at work, it is amazing. Worth every penny.

  12. Or you could use another pdf reader, like foxit.
  13. yodedude2

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    sumatra works as a browser plug-in as well. i'm quite pleased with its speed and consistency. i rarely print pdfs or anything else, though.
  14. Don't use Adobe Acrobat. If I've ever had a PDF problem, it's because of that program.

    I swear by Foxit for my PDF reading needs.
  15. Bocete

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    Never had a problem with pdfs. It is potentially far better for printing as it's vector based, and this is the reason why I will not convert from pdf to jpeg. Any and all printable material that I ever made was sent out in PDF format.

    If you wanna convert from one to another, use GIMP. Open source, nice and easy, it can import a PDF and convert it into raster graphics with a DPI of your choosing, then you can save it as png or jpeg or whatever.

    But yeah, vector based graphics is superior for printing. It just is, that's what it's used for. It must be your reader, or poor interfacing between the reader and the printer.
  16. xk49w

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    I use Bullzip to convert anything that can be printed to pdf. AFIK it is spyware free, etc.
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    I'd consider myself an advanced user of Acrobat - I use it for hours every single day for legal document of all kinds, with photos - you name it and never one single problem. Printing or otherwise.

    You can build a screaming new computer for under 3-400 bucks, I suggest you look into it.
  18. I'll take a text and vector PDF over a bitmap JPEG any day
  19. Pilgrim

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    Never had a problem with PDF format stuff. We use that for moving documents all over campus and for distance ed students - it seems to have fewer problems than any other format we can use.
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    Hey Sam,

    I use The Gimp for conversion either direction, usually. It won't open every PDF though, by a long ways. I've used Open Office too, which lets you edit text. It also fails to read quite a few PDFs properly though. Out of curiosity I Googled and found this thread, which seems to present a few other viable solutions.