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PDX MUSIC ALERT !! Portlnd/Vancouver ..Chris Cain

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Kirk Bryant, May 7, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys If any of you in Portland Vancouver area havent seen/heard Chris Cain yet get off your butts and get down to The Cascade in The Couve tonite. Chris is one of the Worlds Best blues / jazz guitar players bar none. The band includes world class bassist Steve Evans and he allways takes a couple of great solos.. I'm a bit biased as they are all my buddies from SF. The Keyboardist is David Kirk Mathews at any time he might quote Chopin, Gershwin, and Joplin in one solo and he is a world class JAzz player. just go if you really don't like it I'll give you'r money back !! oh Steve owns about a 100 basses and playes his Modded Squire Jazz.

    peace capt Kirk
  2. Too bad no response from here this gig was frikkin stunning... I have known Chris for 20 + yrs and tonite they played some Blues/Jazz/ Fusion that I would put up against Robbin and Larry C. BOTH !!!! oh and Steve Evans solos were excellent!!

    Completely killin'

    capt Kirk

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